• Mathieu Sommet is youtuber very funny.

    The series is called  "Salut les geeks"  is very very funny  with " le panda, le geek, le hippie .

    He has got 1 217 299  subscribers.

    he has got 144 147 282 views

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  • My den is very beautiful and big.

    There is an enormous living-room, there is a sofa,

    furniture and a TV .

    There is a little bedroom, there is a  bed, my desk and a blue lamp.

    There is a kitchen, there is a  wash basin and a small fridge.

    I love sleeping in my bed in my den house !!!!

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  • In Tahiti I have got a big Villa near the beach.

    There is a swiming-pool, five bedrooms, three living rooms and four  


    I love my villa because I often swim and the weekend I

    invite my friends to party. yes cool

    Léa and Maëlle

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  • My dream house is in Miami.

    In my garden there is  a swimming pool and  swings.  There are many windows. There are six bedrooms and three bathrooms. In my bedrooms theer is a one desk, one bed, two lamps, ...

    I love my house because it's my dream house.

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  • I have got a small den in Tahiti to near the turquoise sea. I love to relax and look at the sea under the parasol. My den is great. There are some white furniture and next to my TV I have got my surfboard.


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  • My house is big. I have got six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms ... In my house I have got a tv, a bed, a desk, a sofa, two swiming pool...

    I do my homework, I invite my friends in my house. My parents live with me. I play with my friends

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  • My house is very small. It is is green and brown and I don't like my house !

    I have a small house next to  it. I love my small house !

    My dog lives in the garden  next to my house

    I have a big living room in my house and a big bedroom .

    In my bedroom there is a big bed and a window!

    In my living room there is a window , a sofa and plants

    I don't like  my house !

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  • My House is very Big, there are three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a play room, a big garden, and a garage.

    In my play room there is a T.V, a video games, a sofa, and a computer.

    In my garage there are two cars (a bentley,and a maserrati),a motor bike.

    In my garden there is a swing, a little vegetable garden and a swimming-pool.

    And in my living room,  there are two armchairs, two sofas, a T.V, and the table.                 

                                                                           Martin and Malorie.


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  • My house is very big it is brown and blue!

    I love my house but it is quiet .

    In my house there is a study, a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom .

    In my study there is a sofa, a lamp and windows !

    In my living room there is a dog , a sofa and plants !


    Clenahoo House


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  • My den is in a middle of my garden. It's very far from the  the neighbour so it's quiet. In my den there is a desk, a lamp, a TV and lots of other things. 

    I often watch videos and relax. I invite my friends. I love my den!

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  • Venice beach is in the United States  in the south west of California. 

    In Venice beach there are cafés, chic restaurants, art galleries, pizza joints, tattoo parlors.

    There is a very big long beach. The people surf, ride a bike, skate or walk.There are many celebrities  who live at Venice beach like Cameron Diaz, George Clooney or some Laker players. In Los Angeles the climate is great, it isn't cold but is mild or warm.

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  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is in the United States.

    It's 71 metres high.

    Los Angeles was founded in 1781.

    There are 3,8 milion inhabitants.

    In LA, there was the Olympics in 1932 and 1984.


     Agathe et Lola


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  • My tree house is in my garden.

    It is big.

    Inside there is : a big sofa with pillows, two armchairs, a TV, a carpet, a computer, a big table and some chairs, a bed and a small kitchen.  

    There is  electricity and water.

    The view from my tree house is beautiful!

    Usually, I play  computer games  and listen to  music.


    Often, I do my homework and at the weekend I invite my friends to relax.

    I love my tree house !!!




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  • My tree house

    In my tree house, there is a desk, a chair, a cinema, a sofa, a bed, an armchair and  2 Iphones, 1 Ipad, 2 dogs and 1 cat. 

    I have a big  windows and a T.V in front of my bed.

    Opposite, there is a field where there are 3 horses and 2 donkeys. My den is cool !!! and calm.

    It's my den !!!

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  • Los Angeles is in the U.S.A

    There are 3,8 million inhabitants. There is the famous  "Beverly Hills". 

    L.A  was created in 1781

    L.A welcomed the Olympics in 1932 and 1984.                                                                     Gilian et Clémence

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