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  • Monday, 7th JULY re

    We are in Normandy. It'sfantastic. The organizers are formidable But my roommates are not brilliant.money Today, I practised different sports : scuba-diving, canoe, and I loved it, but I haven't done paragliding and kart racing yet. Last night, I didn't sleep because we played games.zzz The embarrassing time was when I fell off my canoe. 


  • Thursday 22nd July 2016




    Today, It is my second day at my summer camp cool.

    It's very cool because last night, my roommates and I spoke about everything and we played, we sang.


    This morning, I visited the camp, it is next to the beach.


    There are lot of dormitories.zzz


    The group leaders are young and they are incredible.

    I have made  many friends:

    Kate, Susie, John...


    For lunch, I ate  CHIPS AND MEAT!!!

    It was goodyes 


    This aftternoon, I practised sports: Basketball, swimming...

    Today, I've had fun doing sport. We've swum,


    I have  ridden  a bike  and I have ridden a horse.

    Tomorrow, I'll take part in a race on the beach, and the winner will 

    win a medal and a candy.

    I want to win!!!smile



    Yesterday, I dived from a  diving board at the swimming pool,

    I lost my bikini , it was very very awkward.ouch


    Now, I'm going to go an dsit around the fire and eat a marshmallow!!cool


    And after, I will go with my friend to  see a movie with the other



    Salomé et Daphné 4S






    Hello, my name is Audrey and i’m in Hawai for the summer holidays. I’m in a bedroom with five girls Daphné, Salomé, Mireille, Maria and Andrea.yes


    We have a lots of activities. Monday, we surfed, Tuesday, we  climbed a rock and I loved it ! Tomorrow we will go to a swimming-pool... cool 

    We sleep in villa i bedroom of five. I'm with my friends. 

    In the  morning we  get up at 7:00, it's so bad ! no

    I have to tell you something !! Yesterday, I was still sleepy and we had to go rock climbing  and I had forgotten to get dressed. When we arrived, I realized ! It was so embarrassing ... arf


    My Summer Camp in Hawai !



  • CLASH ROYALE is a video game which is played on laptops, tablets,etc...

    In this video games there are different characters such as:

    barbars, giants, witches and wizards. There are different cards: legendary, epics,  rares and common.

                          witches:                                             wizards:                                                     

        barbars:                              giants:

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  • Monday 26 July 2017

                                     Hi, I’m elgo


    I will tell you about my 2nd day at the  camp. My roomates are very exasperating  because they sleep at one o'clock.sleepzzz

    The camp is  super because we have fun. It's hot, beautiful.

    At the camp we have done moutain biking, tennis, segway...

    However we have not been to the sea, we haven't done a  pillow fight.

    I have a little story to tell yes, I was in the toilet when suddenly Marie opened the door frown.













    By Tom




    My name is Tom. I’m 13 years old and I live in England. I’ve been at a summer camp with my friends. I arrived last week. I didn’t know the camp and I wanted to try. The weather is sunny and I have met a new friends. In the summer camp I live in a  wooden house with roommates. It’s really cool. Yesterday I was climbing  a wall, It was difficult  and I fellaww. This afternoon we went into the forest, we picked up mushroomswinktongue.  


  • MONDAY 15/07/16 :


    This summer camp is situated on a  cliff, it's a wonderful landscape ! yes

    Today has been  amazing at the summer camp ! We have swum with dolphins in the biggest lake, it was very funny and an amazing experience for me because it's the first time for me ! That experience will stay in my heart ! happy


    Last night, with my formidable roommates, we did a pillow fight. It was very funny. cool

    The organizers  are very cool and fun because, tomorrow they'll take us to an amusement park ! biggrin  Wednesday we went canoeing on the sea, I'm looking forward to it ! =)

    At lunchtime, it wasn't too good, but generally I enjoy the food here! This trip is expensive but it's worth it wink2

    This morning, I had a frightening moment, because I went to the toilet, but there wasn't any toilet paper, it was very embarrassing frown


                                             By Thony :)


    Sunday, 26th june 2016


    Hello !!winktongue


    My name is Marine. I’m 14 years old.wink2

    I'm going to speak about my second day at the holiday camp. I have a lot of friends^^. It's so sunny.


    I swam in the  swimming pool, I rode a bicycle, and I ran on the beach this morning.

    I relaxed, I went to the  Durant's. I visited their home. They have a cat,  "Pistache", a fish and a big garden. coolI also went horse riding early this afternoon. Then I had a basketball tournament, I swam and relaxed on the beach.glasses


    In the evening, I prepared  a surpriseoh. Then I went to my tent and I slept.sleep


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "aqualand"


    Marine P.

  • The 10 July 2016 in Paris

    On  my second day, at the summer camp « Rafago Champomie »glasses my roommates are very friendly. Last night, we are celebrate my birthday whit champomieclown and we gave a great party. Next we went to river for kayaking and i fell in the water, my roommates was saved me I've scarredoh. I haven't climbing a rock yet.

    My most embarrassing moment is: In the morning I realized there was a hole at the back of my trousers.


    This day was funniest, amazingintello, awesome, but it was also embarrassing and disagreeable.



  • Atlanticraft best parodies


    • The herobrine

    My favorite!


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""The herobrine" song"

    • Atlanteans

    Very good!


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""Atlanteans" song"

    •  Supernatural Mobs

    The first parodie that i've seen!


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""supernaturalmobs" song"

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  • Le Bled'art it is a you-tuber and a famous gamer (on GTA , arma 3, Gmod and lots of other games).

    He plays with different people such as                "Mastersnakou" ,"Nabil" , "Prince" and his little 

    Le Bled'art


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