Laure Manaudou is  28 years old . She is a swimmer . ^^

    She has won the world record in freestyle events betwen 200 and 1500 meter .

    Laure Manaudou  has won three Olympic medals, six world and thirteen European medals.

    She is 1,80 m tall.

  • By mathis from 5ème Saphir

    His real name is Lucas Hauchard.

    He was born the on  January 1996.

    He has got 3 203 808 subscribers.

    He's a gamer. He's started to play "Call of Duty".

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  • NewTiteuf is a youtuber.  His name is Julien Dachaud. He's a video pokémon and minecraft. He is 19 years old. He has:

    • 64 432 044 viewsNewTiteuf
    • 262 900 subscribers

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  • It is located in the South East of Great Britain. It is a capital. The mayor of London is named Boris Johnson.

    There are 8 416 530 inhabitants.

      Palace of Westminster, London - Feb 2007.jpg It's Buckingham palace                                 They're double-deckers. We can see Big Ben behind them.



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  • Natoo is a very special youtuber,she is a girl and she is crazy!!!!

    Her real name is Nathalie Odzierejko and she is Polish.She have 32 years old and she make podcasts.

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  • Natoo it's youtubeuse french and she have got abonée

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  • Hi,

    We're sooo excited because we'll go to New York during our winter break. New York is the biggest city and we'll go on  a Segway Tour yes.

    We can't wait happy!!!We'll go and visit the Statue of Liberty.

    When we are in New York we'll see skyscrapers and we'll visit museums...Every evening we'll go to the restaurant. cool

    The  villa we'll rent is extremely big and modern.wink2



    Katell & Martinkiss


  •  You know what? I've won a trip to New York City.happy ! I can't believe it !

    I'm very interested in  the American life style!!! Maybe I'll go  a Mc Donald's on Times Square !!! I'm looking forward to going on the Statue of Liberty and Central Park !!!

    I'll send you a beautiful gift, asap.



  • Hi Marine!!

    Guess what???? We have won a weekend in New York City. We are sooo excited. :-)  We promise we'll send you a postcard. We will see the Statue of Liberty.happy We'll go on a Segway Tour!!!! We will visit Central park. We will certainly go shopping.smile 



  • OH,MAN!!!!!!

    And guess what? We have won a trip to New-York!!!!!

    We are soooooo excited because New-York is our favorite city in the worldglassesglassesglassesWe'll go and see the Statue of Liberty .We'll go  shopping in  times square. We'll see a basketball match.

    We can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mathys AND Pacôme

  • Oh man!!!!

    Guess what? We've  won a week-en in New Yorkcool

    We're soooooooooo Happy!!!!!happy New York city is the nicest and the biggest city ever!!!intello

    When I am over there,I'll go and visit the Statue of  Liberty!!tongue

    We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!winktongue

    We will stay at  friends!!! Our friends are Fantastic!!!yes

    We'll go to the ice skating with my friends!!!glasses 

    we'll send you a fantastic postcard, ASAP!!

    Léo and Julien.




  • lorin!!!


    I have won a weekend in NYC.winktongue  I'm packing and I'll be leaving next Monday. Cool, huh? Would you like to come with me?



  • Hello !!!

    And guess what ??? We have won a trip in New York happy !!!

    We hope we'll visit  the Statue of Liberty. We would like to see the White House and we'll certainly go for a walk in Central Park. We're soooo excited happy !!!

    We've going to stay in the biggest and the nicest house with a beautifull view.glasses

     We can't wait !!!

    We will send you a FANTASTIC postcard, ASAP tongue

    We gotta go, CU

    Brewan and Loann      


  • Guess what? I'm going to New York next Friday glasses .

    I'll visit Broadwayhappy and the Statue of Liberty !

    I'm sooo excited !!!!!!!!

    I can't wait!!!

    I will go  to the cinema to watch "Dum & Dumber To" And  

    "the Hobbit 3" ^^

    I'd like to go to a Burger King  :D

    I promise I' ll take loads of photos and I'll send you ASAP.

    I gotta go, cu.



  • Hi Lisa

    And guess what ? We have won  a weekend in New York !! yes

    We'll go and see the Statue of liberty, we'll visit the biggest buildings, we  can't wait . We're soooo happy!!!!!! smile

    We'll eat ice-cream in Central Park. happy

    We'll also visit a museum. We hope it'll be fun!!!! sleep

    I gotta go

    su !!!!


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