We are going to tell you what we do to make Pocket money.

    We wash cars, we do the dishes for 10 dollars. Sometimes children get 20 $ a month. With my pocket money I buy   video games and  sweets.


    a books:


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  • I win 10$ per week and I'll tell you how I make my pocket money. I work at home, I do cleaning, wash father's car, do the dishes, empty the bin, I tidy my room and I look after my little sister when my mother is busy.

    I save my pocket money to buy a mountain bike and I hope to win more money.


    I don' t receive my money from my parents. Most of the time, I find  my money and I buy  candy. To win my Pocket money, I can work at people's and I can tutor pupils  in maths. I ask for money after the lesson ..... around 10 euros an hour or 15 euros a lesson (that depends on the lesson: small or long). With my Pocket money, I buy candies, new games and a new phone for my brothercoolyes.


  • To win pocket money, there is  a simple  method : buy  candies and resell them for 5£ more. In the end,  after reselling 100 , 200 candies I'll win 545£

    and there is still some left.


  • We spend money by buying an iguana, video games , a computer to  play  video games.

    We win pocket money by selling our things, by playing the lotto ,by working, our birthdays and by helping our grandparents .


    Guillian Bosseno , Dylan Calendron

  • To make pocket money , I help my parents by doing cleaning, I empty the dishwasher, I set the table, I take care of my brother and sister. I tidy my bedroom and I cook. My parents like it when I help.

     Laura Rio et Aude Merlet




























    To earn Pocket money , I empty the dishwasher,  I wash my father's cars and I tidy my bedroom.

    With my Pocket money I buy candy and I go to amusement parks such as Disneyland, Paris.

    I love Pocket money ! smile   

     Buy Clément.R and Mathis.J       

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    I received my first Pocket money at twelve years  old .

    I win Pocket money by looking after children when  the parents go out. They give  me 20$, I'm very happy !

    I go  shopping for my grand-mother, she is very generous when I help. She gives me 30$.

    Then, I walk  dogs, my favourite dog's name is Sylvain. I love it !!!!!!! I earn 15$. It's great because I love dogs !

    I spend my Pocket money for new shoes, clothes...


    Anna Gien and Eva Selo




  • To get my pocket money I babysit .For 12$ per hour .There is the small Jean-Benoît who is annoying but he is so cute .There is also the little Marie-Jacqueline who is clever but she is so clumsy and I wash cars for 4$ a car and that is irritating !

    Sometimes people go without paying anything !PEOPLE DON'T RESPECT ME ! 

    Lucas and Terehaumoana

    4 Emeraude


  • To win pocket money, we help our parents doing housework like : washing windows , washing  cars , setting the table , looking after our sisters and brothers and tidying the house.

    When we have got our pocket money we go and do shopping with friends. We buy presents for our family and our friends.

    Candyce Barbare, Inès Gaquère and Maillys Flohic.

  • I don't get any pocket money a month

    I buy clothes, I go out with friends.

    My sister steals my pocket money

    I give pocket money to my father to help him.

  • We win our Pocket money when we do chores in the house and for our parents . We don't have any pocket money if we do anything bad . We win between 10 or 15 euros . With our Pocket money , we buy food because we love eating.


     Lola Daniel - Loann le Guennec

  • We don't win pocket money.

    To win  Pocket money, we can help at home, for example in our bed-room or in the living-room. we can help our parents to cook. we can look after children in our family.

    We use our pocket money to go to cinema with our friends or buy  candy.

    Coralie et Manon. 

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    I had my first Pocket money  ten years ago. I got  Pocket money  by washing the car, cutting the grass,  doing the washing-up and helping my family.

    With my Pocket money I buy some clothes and some presents for my grand-mother .




  • The first time  we received our pocket money, we were 12 years old. It was 15 euros per month. We were very happy because for us it was a lot ! To have this money, we did many things : we washed dishes and the car , we cut the grass, we tidied our bedroom, we looked after our sisters, we did our homework, we vacuumed in our house...

    With our pocket money, we buy video games and we do trips with friends because it's very cool ! We love that !


                                                                                                                                                        Benjamin L.B and Julien L.P

     4ème Verte


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