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    Tal, her full name is Tal Benyerzi . She was born on 12 December, 1989 in Israel. She is a singer and dancer. Teenager ,she learned to play the piano and theguitar.

    albumis Tal:

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  • Pharell Williams


    By Clem and Marco

    Pharell Williams is 41. He was born on 5 april 1973 in the United States.We like his single "Happy".he started his carrer in 1992.His style  is Hip-Hop,R&B and funk.He plays the drums and the keabords.he is a singer,composer,musican and stylist.Pharell Williams has got 4 brothers.His brother is a fan of skateboarding."Happy" is popular in 2013.The lyrics are very happy.Pharell Williams is building a half-pipe in his home.

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  • His name's  Robert Nesta Marley and he wos born on 6 feburary 1945, in Jamaica and he died on 11 may 1981 in Miami. He is a singer, composer  and musician.                                                 He  sold over 200 million albums around  the world

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  • The Shin Sekaï is a French groupsarcastic.The group was created in 2012.yesThere are two persons in the group.beurkDadju is 22 years old and Abou Tall is 22 years old too.money They live in Paris.coolTheir album  is The Shin Sekaï, Volume 2.oopsHe came out on 13th january 2014.sleepThe album is great.glasses

    Our favorite song is "Du berceau linceul", it is really cool and lively.bad

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  • "1000 forms of fear" is the sixth album of Sia.

    The album was released on 8th July 2014 .

    It is pop music.  "Chandelier" and "Big girls cry"are very popular.

    The song "Chandelier" was released in March 2014. The music and lyrics are happy and sad.

    I like listening to these songs . Our favorite music is "Big girls cry".                                                               

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  • The group is anglos-saxon and composed of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

    The group has created three albums. Niall plays the guitar. The others are singers!

    Their CD is Midnight Memories. It's a pop and pop-rock group. Midnight Memories was released in November 2013.

    We love their album because it is lively and great. We like listening to his album in the evening. Our favourite song is "Story of my life".

    "STory of my life" is a quiet song. In the song we can see the singers' family. 

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  •  Soprano comes from Saïd M' Roumbaba's name He was born on January 14th, 1979 he is a great rapper. he was born in Muslim family. His four albums are : puisqu'il faut vivre,la colombe, le corbeau, cosmopolitanie, In the new album soprano sings 7 songs: fresh prince and cosmos, ils nous connaisse pas,melancolie, ti amo,clown and prefrace it's, is the 7 songs in compose cosmopolitanie "fresh prince" it's the new song on Soprano composed the group "psy 4 de la rime". Our favourite song is fresh prince we like listening to Soprano in the morning

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  • This is the first album of Selena Gomez, the genre of the album is Dancepop. Selena gomez is 22 years old. She is from  Texas. She plays the drums, the bass guitar and the piano. Cheryl Cole is her favourite singer.The album was realeased on 23 july 2013. She writes her own songs. We like listening to her song because they make us happy, and we often listen to  her or songs. Our favourite song is Come & get it.                                                                                                                                                                                     

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  • Martin tungevaag

    Martin Tungevaag was born in July 1993 in Alesund in Norway. He's a DJ and artist director. Martin Tungevaag started his career on the web. We know his title " Wicked Wonderland " (July 2014, number one in a lot of countries). He has a lot of fans. In the  morning I like listening to "Wicked Wonderland" and I feel happy ! 


    by violette

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    She was born on September 4th 1981 .

    Beyoncé began her career at sixteen .

    She sells millions of albums.

    She has created five albums.

    We love this album because there is a lot of rhythm .

    When we get bored we like to listen to his music. Our favourite  musique is xo.

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  • Les yeux plus gros que le monde,

    This is Black M's second album.

    He writes his songs and he sings. Black M is thirty years old. The music he sings is a mixture of pop an R,n,B. Alpha Diallo was born in Paris but he is from Guinea. "Les yeux plus gros que le monde" was released in March 2014 and it is very popular. We always listen to Black M. Our favourite song of Black M is " Sur ma route ". We enjoy it !


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  • My favourite group is Daft Punk.This album's name is "Random Access Memories".I listen to  this CD because it's very cool.This is a french group and their real name are Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homen Christo.The instruments they play are the guitar, the piano and the drums.They are song writers and their music genre is électro.Usually i often listen to it when I do  my homework because i feel relaxed. I like all the songs but I prefer  "get lucky".


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  •  Maitre Gims is French,he lives in France.His real name is Gandhi Djuna,he is a rapper and composer,he was born ON may 6 1986, he was born IN Kinsasha in Zaire.He is twenty-eight.Member of "Sexion D'assaut"group,he relesead this first album in 2013"Subliminal"; His father was a singer in the group " Papa Wemba"and he has a rapper brother.

    Our favourite CD is "Bella",we love it,because he  raps.When we listen to it, we are happy.

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  • Le passé is our favourite song. It was created in September 2013.

    2 CD : Some of  the songs are a duo : Florida

    Her real name is Tal Benyerzi . She is 24 yeard old (12 décember 1989 )

    Her mother sings.



    Album Tal " à l'infinie  "                            TAL

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  • Pharrell Williams was born in april 5 1973 in Virginia , he is 41 year old . He plays the  keyboards and the drums and sings very well .

    The song "Rocket Theme"was written in honor of his son . In 2005, Pharrell was voted the best dressed man in the world . He his also an amateur skateboarder and he is building a half -pipe in his house .

    THe summer 2013 hit "HAPPY"is a big success.The lyrics are happy and energetic . My favorite song by Pharrell williams is "Happy" because when I listen to it, I feel Happy.



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