• The philipines is hot very sunny.

    The first week on june. 

    We are going to sleep at a hotel: the island Beach resort

    We are going to visit th  archipelago bybicycles and boats.   


    -first day: arrival at  the hotel

    -second day: visit the main island and surfthe philipines

    -third day: climbing, canoeing on a river

    -fourth day: boating, diving, preparing a night party

    -the last day: boat racing and and night party

    We must pack  solar cream, sunglasses, water bottles, a swimsuit and a camera.

  • My summer camp is in Spain in July.

    My roommate was excited and interesting.

    I have been bungee-jumping.

    I have been canoeing with my friends, I have fallen of my canoe. My friends have laughed.

    I haven't played different sport not yet.

    Last night, I ate meat with potatoes around the fire.

    I haven't been scuba-dinving and kart racing yet.

    I have just swum in a lake.

    I was surprised and delighted by the camp.

    Anna Gien and Mathis J

  • I win 10$ per week and I'll tell you how I make my pocket money. I work at home, I do cleaning, wash father's car, do the dishes, empty the bin, I tidy my room and I look after my little sister when my mother is busy.

    I save my pocket money to buy a mountain bike and I hope to win more money.

  • To win pocket money, there is  a simple  method : buy  candies and resell them for 5£ more. In the end,  after reselling 100 , 200 candies I'll win 545£

    and there is still some left.




    To earn Pocket money , I empty the dishwasher,  I wash my father's cars and I tidy my bedroom.

    With my Pocket money I buy candy and I go to amusement parks such as Disneyland, Paris.

    I love Pocket money ! smile   

     Buy Clément.R and Mathis.J       

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  • We win our Pocket money when we do chores in the house and for our parents . We don't have any pocket money if we do anything bad . We win between 10 or 15 euros . With our Pocket money , we buy food because we love eating.


     Lola Daniel - Loann le Guennec

  • We don't win pocket money.

    To win  Pocket money, we can help at home, for example in our bed-room or in the living-room. we can help our parents to cook. we can look after children in our family.

    We use our pocket money to go to cinema with our friends or buy  candy.

    Coralie et Manon. 

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  • To get  pocket money, I wash  the car and I tidy my room.

    I cut lawns. 

    I win a 5£ for weekend.






    martin luther king












    Martin Luther king became the youngast laureat the nobel peace prize in 1964 because he was human rights, and civil rights blacks. he was born in 1929, he bacame a pasteur, writer and pacifist. He received the medal presidential of peace because. He married Coretta SCOTT and they had 4 children. He died in 1968 (39 years old).


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  • Dario Fo was a Italian novelist, actor.He was born the 24 March 1926 and he is dead today( 13 october 2016) . He was received a Nobel Litterature Prize in 1997. Dario fo was a very good novelist, he wrote''mystère bouffe'' and "faut pas payer".He was journalist in 1975.He began in a radio 

    Dario Fo

  • BB Brunes cool Afficher l'image d'origine

    by Antoine et Romain

    BB Brunes plays POP music.

    This band is french.

    BB Brunes is make up:

    -Adrien Gallo(lead singer and guitar)

    -Félix Hemmen(guitar)

    -Karim Réveillé(drums)

    -Bérald Crambes(bass guitar)

    -Raphael Delorme(keyboards).

    BB Brunes has come out 4 albums: Blonde comme moi,Nico tenn love,Nico tenn live,Long courrier.

    Our favourite song is Coup et Blessures.

  • http://data0.eklablog.com/anglais2moka/mod_article58256301_508947bc49e59.odt