• Lara Fabian:                              

    le secret                 

    by Ocean Baron and Vincent Wilkinson , from 5e glasses


    We like this CD because it's very active and very soft. it's the 15th album of Lara Fabian. In one week 18 768 albums have been bought! She started in 1986.

    I love her music, our favourite songs are "I am awa", "awa" and "p***** de grand amour". It's very cool! we (I and my mom) sing it in the car.

  • Solitaire

    This is Shym's fifth CD.                     

    Her real name is Tamara Marthe.

    She is 29 years old, her birthday is on 28 november.

    She likes dancing and singing.

    I usually listen to her CD in the morning.

    She plays pop, dance and R&B.

    I like listen to "La malice" in the "Solitaire".

    The lyrics is great.

    I makes us feel  happy.

    By Alexa and Emma of 5 Emeraude

  • TAL

    Her name is Tal and she is 25 years old.

    We like listening to the CD because it is very cool

    She is from France

    The lyrics are very great and very cheerful

    She plays the guitar

    She plays pop music , it's very funky

    The  popular title is '' Le passé''

    We listen to the CD almost every day

    By Laura and Yaelle , from 5e Emeraude


    Taylor Swift is 25 years old and she  was born  13 december 1989 . She lives in the USA and she is an actress and a singer composer. Her type of music is country and pop. Taylor plays the piano, the guitar and the percussion

    Her first passion  is riding a horse

    File:StaplesLA.jpg by Camille and Mélissande of 5e Emeraude



    We like listening to this CD because Kendji Girac is cheerful , the singer is  Kendji Girac .

    The music is pop and the instrument  is the guitare, he is guitarist .

    Our favourite song is Me Quemo and Me Quemo makes us feel happy .

    I usually listen to his music ( Me Quemo ) in the morning or in the afternoon.

    Kendji Girac is 19 years old .



    Les yeux plus gros que le monde.

    Black M is a famous rapper

    His songs are great !!

    I love Black M's CD because it  is very great.

    I listen to his CD in the afternoon and in the evening.

    Our favourite musics are "à la votre" and "casse pas ton dos".

     His really name is Alpha Diallo.

    Before, he was a member of "sexion d'assaut".

    It makes us happy.

    His lyrics are beautiful.

    Black M is 31 years.

    Kelig and Hugo


    It's Selena Gomez, the singer. She is 23 years old. Her principal activities is singer and actress. Her musical kind is pop and electro dance. she  started in 2007 with "Disney Channel". She is a cool singer !

     Signature de Selena


    by Anna and Eva , from 5e Emeraude

    We  like  listening to this CD because that's cool !

    They  are from France .

     Jérémy Frérot is 25 years old. Florian Delavega  is 28. They are guitarists and singers.

    They started  to sing in 2014  in " The voice "

    The lyrics are very great.

    They play pop music , it's very funky.

    The most popular song  is "Le chant des sirènes".

    They  often give concerts in France and sign autographs after the concerts.

    Jérémy Frerot started to play guitar at 17 years old.







  • Chambre  12                                                                     

    This is Louane's first CD.

    She is the song writer of seven  songs.

    So she's a singer and song writer.

    She doesn't play an instrument.

    We like listening to this  cd in the morning.

    The cd is happy and sad.

    The cd was composed 2015.

    Louane is  polular.

     We listen to the cd almost every day.

    It is a classical music.

    Our favourite song is Avenir.

    She was in "the Voice".

  • George was born on 22 July 2013, and Charlotte was born on 2 May 2015. Her parents are Kate and William, They live in Anglesey. They are the verry happy parents.


  • Mme Jarry is the best English teacher.

    Mme Jarry is a dynamic teacher and the lessons are funny.

  •            We're going to go to Florida !

    In our suitcase we must pack : a first aid kit, a camera, a lot of clothes and sandals.

    We're going to visit Miami and go to Miami Beach to have  a beautiful tan.                                                         

    We're going to take the plane when we go to Florida.

    We must go and watch an American football match !

    We're going to sleep in a luxurious hotel in Miami.

    We're going to go to an amusement park.




    Inès et Kalil.

  • Our trip to Australia

    We're going to Australia on the 27th of June (the first week of the holidays). We're coming back to France on the 2nd of July. During that time, we're going to visit Sydney and other towns. On the first day, the bus we take us to Uluru (the red heart ). In the evening, we're going to sleep in a Hotel. It is there what we'll spend  the fourt nights.

    On the second day, we're going to visit the Opera House. At the end of the afternoon we're going to go to the beach to take a boat and we'll swim with  dolphins.

    On the third day, we're going to visit the  Tarong zoo, where we'll find : giraffes, rhinos, koalas and bears... W're going to take photos of some animals.

    On the fourth day, we're going to go to an amusement park in Gold Coast. It will be so fun !!!!

    The next day, we're going to go shopping to buy souvenirs. At lunchtime, we'll have a picnic for the last day ! and after this, we'll go back home !!!! 

    Five amazing days !!!!!!!



                                                               Gwénann & Océane 

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  • We're going to go to Ireland with the school.

    We're going to take the bus and the boat.
    It takes one day to go there.

    We're going to visit them castles

    We're going to celebrated the St Patrick day

    We're going to visit the lake of the loch ness

    We're going to back in France

  • We  need  clothes, books, a first aid kit...We'll go this summer, we're going to Canada by plane.

    On our first day, we're going to go to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. We're going to visit the city.It's a big city !

    On the second day morning we're going to visit the Niagara Falls, It will be beautiful! And in the afternoon we're going to go to an international jazz festival in Montreal  

    On the third day, in the morning we're going to visit Toronto and in the afternoon, lake Ontario, we'll go kayacking.We will see castors for the first time.

    On the fourth day, we'll visit Vancouver all day !   

    On the fifth day, we're going to go on a boat ride and we're going to go shopping in Ottawa. At 6 pm, we're going to take the plane back  France.