• Hii, how are you?

    I feel stupid..

    I'll tell you my strange story!

    I was kissing my neighbour's  boyfriend  and she surprised us!

    It was so embarrassing.. So I bit her.

    She called the police! And they came out with a muzzle.



  • Kate Middleton was born on 9 January 1982. She was christened on 20 june 1982. She has a sister: Pipa, a brother: James, a father: Michael and a mother: Carole. She is married with Prince William. She had a baby: George, Alexander, Louis. Now she is pregnant again.                






  •                              Dancesarcastic

    There are several types of dance (classic, modern, ...).

    We dance of 8 times.

    On the slow and fast music.

    Dance is my passion.
    Ballet Opéra de Paris

  •            My big house is in las vegas

    My house is very spacious and very modern .  In my house there are 2 big kitchens and 5 bath rooms . There are also 9 bedrooms and 3 big garages, 2 living rooms and 1 big game room ,1 jacuzii and 1 fitness room .

    In the garden tere is a 1 river ,2 big pools ,1 tennis court , a kitchen garden . There are  3 dog , 2 snakes and 6 gorillas .

    My favorite rooms it is the game room . Julien Sire Agathe Alby


  • . big villa

    . localisation=Rio in Brazil

    . 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 garages, 1 jacuzzi, 1 home cinema, 1 game room, 1 disco.

    . garden=2 swimming pools, 10 palm trees.

    . it's sunny, modern and spacious.

    . listening to music, playing with friends and dancing...

    . favourite room=swimming pool because the water is hot ...

    Lauriane and Tanguy


  • Big house in Sidney.

    It’s a modern house in Sidney is spacious.

    • 7 Bedrooms
    • 2 sports hall
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • 1 Enormous gamings rooms
    • 1 Big garage
    • 500 square metres
    • 1 Open kitchen
    • 1 Swimming pools and jacousie


    • In the garden there are 1 ground tennis Gaming rooms is a favorite rooms


    Our ideal house

    It’s a mansion in Hollywood.

    In front of the beach and it’s sunny every day

    Four bedrooms , three bathrooms and a big garden.

    Big swimming-pool

    In the games room there are baby foot, billiards and a cinema.

    The mansion is modern and spacious  

    There are big windows.





    Tudi et Océane





    One piece  is a pirate world. It is a manga created by Eiichiro Oda.Luffy and friends , Zoro , Nami , Ussop , Chopper , Robin , Franky and Brook.

    Their ennemy in Marine and World Gouvernnement . They sail in boat Sunny , created in Franky carpenter in the band .


    Luffy have fruits of the gumgum , Zoro grip tree sabre , Nami grip stick climatic , Ussop grip slingshot , Chopper fruit of the human , Sanji utilised his leg of fire , Robin have fruits of blooming 




    ·         big forest                Brocéliande          mansion             in  the country               



    ·         9  bedrooms           1 kitchen                      5 bathrooms             6 toilets                                     5 garages


                       ·         2  big  swimming  pools         1 jaccuzi            3 big  toboggans



    ·         Spacious                       bright                 modern




                                          Very cool                  listening to music                inviting friends        





                                  Enzo & Thibault      


  • My birthay in on febuary18th.

    I always celebrate it with my familly.

    First I organize a party: the date,how many people...

    My mother cooks dinner and makes a cake.

    I decorate the living room.

    I choose the music and the games.

    I send invitation cards.


    Gâteau Happy Birthday

  •  Sims 4 is a life simulation video game series It was  developed by Maxi. It was created by the Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts. Announced on 6 May 2013, the game was released on September 4, 2014.

    Les Sims 4

    Éditor Electronic Arts
    Déveloper Maxis
    designer Rachel Franklin (producteur exécutif)
    Ryan Vaughan (producteur)
    Robi Kauker
    Lyndsay Pearson
    Kevin Gibson

    release date Drapeau des États-Unis 2 september 2014
    Drapeau européen 4 september 2014
    Drapeau de l'Australie 4 september 2014
    Flag of the United Kingdom.svg 5 september 2014
    type simulation life
    game mode

    on line/of line

    Platforme Mac, Windows
    Control keyboard/mouse


  • My ideal house is in Florida


    There are:

    - 10 bedrooms

    - 4 bathrooms

    - 2 swimming pools

    - 2 livingrooms

    3  mezzanines

    - 2 equiped  kitchens

    - 1 patio

     - 3 toilets

    - 1 huge car park

    - 2 basements

    - 1 three car garage

     A BIG GARDEN          

    My ideal house is SUPER !!!     

    This is me ;)


  • Mathieu Sommet is youtuber very funny.

    The series is called  "Salut les geeks"  is very very funny  with " le panda, le geek, le hippie .

    He has got 1 217 299  subscribers.

    he has got 144 147 282 views

  • My den is very beautiful and big.

    There is an enormous living-room, there is a sofa,

    furniture and a TV .

    There is a little bedroom, there is a  bed, my desk and a blue lamp.

    There is a kitchen, there is a  wash basin and a small fridge.

    I love sleeping in my bed in my den house !!!!

  • In Tahiti I have got a big Villa near the beach.

    There is a swiming-pool, five bedrooms, three living rooms and four  


    I love my villa because I often swim and the weekend I

    invite my friends to party. yes cool

    Léa and Maëlle