• MrBboy45 is a very good youtuber with Drakfufu(Dodjin).

    The series is called mincredi and it is a funIt's about Minecraft.

    He has got 844 580 subscribers.

    He has got  79 417 491 views.


  • Sebastien Cauet was born in 1977.  He is a radio host, a  Comedian, a DJ and an imitator. He is a great humorist!!!!

  • Her name is Tamara Marthe. She was born on 28 november 1985. She is a singer and dancer .

    She has got a sister : Adeline and a brother :Thomas.

    Shy'm recorded fist album.

  • Her real name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson ,

    She is an actress, a model and a British stylist , 

    Her birthay is on 15th april 1990, Paris in France .

    She is known to have played Hermione Granger's role, one of the three leading roles in Harry Potter movies.

    In July, 2014, she was awarded a prize by the UNO Women.

    She is the girl of Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson, both British lawyers who practice in France.

    Her parentsdivorced a few years after the birth of her younger brother Alex Watson in 1995.

  • Guardians of Galaxy is a film. This is a super hero film in the Marvel Comics.

    The Video Trailer:

    the music is cool and the storybeautiful.The end is sad.

  • It's my birthday  next Saturday, do you want to come to my house with some friends from work?  We' re going to Mac donald's and after we have a big fancy party !

    see you soon on Saturday,

    Inès et Clément

  • Hello Louis!

    You are invited to my birthday.

    My birthday is next Friday.

    Later we are having a private party!

    My birthday is between 2 pm and 16 pm.

    If you want you can sleep at home.




  • Hey , Jacquie           

    I'm organizing a Night Halloween party. You are INVITED !!!! Let's meet in the bar PMU  on the 31st October at 7 pm.

    We are  ordering pizzas, and then we'll dance at home.

                       Bring COSTUMES!!!!

    I hope  you can come!


    Michel and Pierette


  • Hello , James

    I'm inviting you to my birthday party, on 5th Febuary

    Come in warm clothes. We're going skating, later in the evening

    we are having  pancakes after a birthday cake !!!!!!!


    you can stay overnight!

    bye- bye !!!!!!!!

  • Hello Michel,

    I'm celebrating my 16th birthday  on Wednesday  evening  on 11 July. Do you want to come to Grand- Champ Manor? We're eating fish and chips with a soda and a big cake. It's going to be a cool party.The party starts at eight o'clock.

     MY FAMILY IS ABSENT!!!!               


                                                                                                             JULIA xoxo













    I'm organizing a party for HALLOWEEN at my house next Saturday !

    This is what we are going to do :

    First, we'll go and ask for sweets in the street.

    Later, we'll go in my house to eat.

    After,we'll eat sweets we will have dance !

    After, eating sweets we'll go to the cinema. We'll watch a horror film !!

    Get ready for my HALLOWEEN PARTY !!!       

    Don't forget to bring your COSTUMES !!!

    coolMADISON                                                                  Maelle, Lisa

  • Hello Inès

    I'm organizing a birthday party at my house next Friday .

    This is what we are going to do :

    First , we're having dinner in the garden .

    After that, we're dancing .

    Later, we're watching a cinema !!

    And this is just the beginning ....

    Get ready for a fun a birthday party .


  • Hello Teddy,cool

    You are invited to my birthday!!

    On the First Saturday of the Holidays, at eight o'clock we will meet at my house in Exeter.

    First we will give the presents and, later we will eat and then we are dancing.

    Second, at ten o'clock in the evening we are watching DVDs and the we'll go to bed.

    See you soon.










  • yesHelloyes

    my name is Tanwan

    your are invited!!!!!

    I'm organizing a sleep over. I'm making a cake. After that we're watching a surprise  movie.The party starts at six o'clock. I live Saint-Avé 3 rue de Poitiers. After,  we're going dancing in a club.

     Thank you Sonia.


  •                                            hello Iness

    You are invited to my birthday next weekend at six o'clock.

    First we are going to a  restaurant.

    Later, we are going  to the laser game.

    Then we're going to my home and we're chatting.tongue