• hello trevor,

    it's my 13th birthday , at my home next saturday at 2 p.m . And you know what ?

    YOU ARE INVITEDyesohcool

    this is what we are going to do :

    first: We are going to my pool and we are playing football he

    after: We are playing video games and watching TV

    later: We are doing a water fight and small games

    next: We are eating the birtday cake and I'm opening my presents

    then: We  have a private party and you'll stay overnight?

    piscine intérieure contemporaine 

    It's my pool glasses







    call me at 0683020197clown







    thibault and dylan

  •  Hey Raphaël!                                 

    On June 12th, in three weeks, it's my birthday! I want to invite you on this occasion... I 'd like to give a big party with my friends. Would you like to come?

    • First we are having dinner near Tower Bridge at around 8 o'clock on Saturday evening.
    • After we're coming back to my house, we're watching a film, I'm thinking of "Harry Poter".
    • Later we are to parting all the time until midnight!                                 

    I hope you will come!



    Mael & Juliette!


  • Hello,

    I'm celebrating my birthday next weekend, on Saturday, from 2.30 PM. smile

    First we are having a party in my house . At 4.00PM, we  are going to ihe ce-rink,. Next at 7.00 PM we 're going to a restaurant and we are coming back to my house to party.

    Sunday, your parents will come to pick you at 12.00 PM.

    My phone number is : 02 97 11 03 02 

    I'm expecting you! cool


  • Hello Christopher !

    It's my birthday, you are invited next weekend for my 13th birthday.

    My birthday will take place at home, from two O'clock and you are

    invited to sleep at home. Can you give me an answer before this


    Thank you


  • Hello Mariesmile

    You Know what ?

    It's my birthday and you are invited!

    Let's meet at six o'clock next Saturday.

    There will be a cake,  drinks and fireworks .

    My brother and sister are invited , the party is at my house ! 

    Bye Bye Mariesmile




  • Hey Jack,

    You are invited to my birthday on Saturday evening. Can you come ?

    Come to my house at seven o'clock. This is what we are going to do :

    First, we're eating a big pizza.

    After, we're going bowling. Later I'm opening your presents.

    Then we're going back to my house to dance, eat a cake, sweets and drink sodas.

    Finally, we're watching fireworks from my bedroom.

              Don't forget to bring an overall for a surprise ... :)

    See you soon ! ! !

                                                ANDJY.   :')

      ENZO & NOEMIE ! 

  • Hello my friend,

    It's my 12th birthay on Saturday and I'm celebrating it in next weekend at 2pm

    I'd like to invite friends from school.

    You are invited !!

    First we will go to "Laser Game". Then, we'll have a snack at home. And we're sleeping at home. 

    After we will go to the swimming pool.

    Don't forget your pyjamas and your swimming costumes!



  • Hello Eliott

    You are invited, for my birthday on Friday 9 January between

    6 o'clock to 10 o'clock on Saturday. It will be a big party

    First we are going to the ice-the rink and after we are

    eating pancakes and then we are eating a big

    chocolate cake and finally we are playing "just dance "

    on a wii . And then, we'll go to bed.

    see you soon

    30 rue st Michèlle st Avé

    Salomé et Axel

  • Hello Marine,

    It's my birthday on 30 January.

    First,  we're eating at my mum's restaurant, after, we're  going to a laser game party. Then we 're going to my home and we're chattting. If your want to, you can stay for the night.     Can you come ?

    see you soon  

  •                                                                  hello hanna

    I'm celebrating my birthday on january 24 for  my thirteenth birthday and guess what ?


                                           You are invited !!!!!!

    and yes I'm inviting you with my other friends from school.

    First,  we are going to meet in front of the Westfield 'll will go to the different stores in London.

    Then we'll get back home and we'll swim in my pool. At night we will eat dog hots and we will have a great  party!!!!

    I hope you can come !!!!!!coolyesmy invitation 

                                            by !!!




  • Hello KATE

    I'm organizing a party for my birthday at my house next 5 th of march

    and you know what ?

    You are invited !

    This is what we are going to do:

    First,we're eating sweets and cakes, playing "Just Dance". After that we're watching Avatar.

    Later we are having our private party! And this is just the beginning...

    Get ready for a fun night!





     It' s my fifteenth birthday on Sunday, I'm celebrating it with my friends from my school. Do you want to celebrate with us ? To begin,  we will go to the new Chinese restaurant in the village"Parmesan". Then, we're  going to the disco and dancing. After the disco we will go to my home fora pyjama party .  

    See you soon bye-bye



    My 15th birthday

  • Hello !!!!!!

    Your are invited!! We are celebrating Chrismas Day on the Thursday 25th December at midday, at my house.

    First, we're having dinner. We will eat a roast turkey with cranberry sauce and a pudding

    After, we are dancing.


    Later we are opening presents

    Don't for get the presents !

    good bye

    Clémence and Gwénann


  • Maxime Musqua is a French youtuber and he has 233 260 subscribers!!! He's French and he makes podcasts like the Eiffel Tower video and the strong man run.


  • It  is a group of youtubers.There is Hugo Tout Seul, Mister V, Malcolm ToTheWorld, Hakim Jemili, Jérémie Dethelot, Youssoupha Diaby and Mike Kenli.

    They make funny videos. After a video, I am happy :)



     Le Woop Games