• Father Christmas is big because he's got a big belly. .He's wears a red and white costume.justine

  • The shape bracelets (in French, they are called "bracelets formes") are all colours .They are black, blue, pink, red , orange, green, yellow, purple or white.   

    They are beautiful .   

  • Christmas 's party is on December 24th.

    We decorate the tree with tinsels and chrismas balls of there are different  colours

    Christmas dinner can be made of potatoes, turkey and other dishes.

    Under the  Christmas tree, the child have their presents.


  • Breakfast is what we eat after getting up. This is a huge breakfast. There is bacon ,eggs ,chips ,a slice of bread ,.....

    Can you eat all that??????

    • L'EuropeI love  christmas because there are lots of presents ! The presents are put down under the  tree . Christmas is very .. beautiful !!!!



  • My name is Sabrine and i'm 12 . I was born on July 6 th, 1998. I live in St Malo in intra muros.

    I've got three sisters . Their names are Sarah and Turkia and Yasmine. And, there's me!!!!  .

    My room is beautiful but  very messy. I don't like tidying it . I love Tunisia and Espagna... 

  • Her room is very small ... and it's a bit messy ,but it's quite pretty !

    There are lots of photo of her friends, her old friends and her new friends. She just loves skating in the park with her friends on a Saturday or going to birthday parties. But what she loves  the most is swimming! it's her favourite thing  in the world! She really  enjoys swiming in competitions and er...She's quite good at it ! That's why there is a shelf full of medals and cups in her room,above the desk.


    ONE TWO , flap your tails

    four and four eight fourteen twenty-two

    Crawl on the floor

    It'll be less dusty.

    Catch the pace and you'll get some bread! YEAH by Sabrine



  • The chaarcter is very cool but very funny

    It is very cool !!!!!!!!


     American Dad is an American series. It is very funny

  • L'EuropeDogs are very adorable . They can be different colours: black ,brown ,white ,beige...!they can be different sizes :tall ,small, medium .They need to eat twice a day. 

  •  Macaroons can be different colours.They are very good. Some are cherry, strawbery , lemon flavoured.,... I  like macaroons . Do you like  them  ???? yes or no . I pesonnaly  love them.

  • L'EuropeMichael Jackson was very cool.

    He was a very energetic dancer and he danced very well.

     Buy his CDs.

    p.s He's very funnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!


  • Are you perfect ?

    Can you cook dinner ? yes or no

    Do you set the table ? yes or no

    Do you help your parent? yes or no

    Are  you quiet ? yes or no

    If you have yes or more, you are perfect

    Less, you are not perfect!!!!!!!!  

  • The USA is beautiful with Washington where there is the white house


    The Statue of Liberty is tall and solid. she is impressive.

    Central park is huge. It is located in the middle of skyscrapers.In this park , there are lots of people every day.

     They are lots of taxis in the USA .They are yellow.


  •  There are different coloured flowers . Some are red and pink.