• Street Dance 3d

    I love Street Dance 3d

    It is very cool and the character is very beautiful!!!!!!!!

    the dancing is fantastic!!!!!!!!! kaya

  • The rainbow appears after the rain .

    there  is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, all colours .

     It is long .

    It is big  .    

    It is beautiful .



  • I am a good girl :

    - I  always  tidy my room

    You :

    - do yo often help to cook dinner ??

    - do yo  always look after your brother / sister ??

    -do yo usually  clear the table ??

    -do you carry the shopping bags??

    -  do you set the table ????

    - do yo really complete all your homework ??

    answers :

    You got ... (3 to 5) answers out of ... ( 5  yes answers)


    you got  .... ( 0 to 3 ) answer out of .... ( 5yes answers) 

    YOU ARE  SO LAZY !!!!

  • Antartica is beautiful and there are lots of animals : penguins, polar bears  and seals .

    the polar bear is threatened because it's a baddie but  it is beautiful . It's my second favorite animal after the horse .

    And the penguins are good swimmers, and I love them.

    L'Europeand the seal is beautiful and cute.

    When I grow up, I'd like to protect the Antartica animals!!!!!


  • L'Europe The cat is soooooo small but he is very beautiful !!!!


    It is very  funny. In the family, they are five: Homer , Marge , Bart, Maggie and Lisa

    Homer is very  silly.

    Marge is  intelligent and  her hair style is very high on her head!!!

     Bart is a bad  boy .

    Maggie is a small baby  

    Lisa inteligent (very)



  • L'Europe  It's sooooooooo big and soooooooo heavy !!!

  • There are lots of reporters. There are some boys and girls. It is very funny!!!!!!






    I love my horse. He's very beautiful and he 's got  a very beautiful dress. He's a spendid breed...he ' very  beautiful!!!!!!






  • London is the capital of England. There are beautiful monuments. Queen Elisabeth lives there. She is rich!!!!


    whoua !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the crown is beautiful                              

    Thank you for having read my article!       justine



  • Paris is the capital of France. The president is Nicolas Sharkozy . Some famous  monuments are the Eiffel Tower and the "Arc de Triomphe". There are lot of people in Paris.




  • My name is justine I love horses. It's  my favorite animal.

    I love horse-riding, my favorite horse is eglantine. She is white and has got brown spots. she is beautiful.

    bye bye

     have a good day!



  • I love london with  Big Ben and Tower Bridge. It  is beautiful .

    I like English songs. I love  Rhianna .Go and read Justine's article .                                                                 de Marie                      


    Rihanna is my favorite singer, I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her songs are great!!!!!!

     I love her song "UMBRELLA"  and Marie    


  • I love my teacher her name is madame Jarry, she's got short straight white  hair she's slim and medium height.
    My class is ok, but a bit talkative!!! justine