when were you born ??

    I was born on January 3rd ,2000

    when was she born ????????????

    she was born on March 10th , 2005

  • Voici une petite leçon pour savoir se repérer sur un plan.

    POUR TOURNER A DROITE/GAUCHE:turn right/left.

    POUR TRAVERSER:go/walk across

    VAS TOUJOURS TOUT DROIT:keep going straight on

    DESCEND:go down

    MONTER:go up

    PREND LA 1ER A DROITE/GAUCHE:take the first right/left

    PASSE PAR:walk past

    DANS LANGLE:on the corner


    FAR FROM:pas loin

  •  to be affirmatif         to be négatif            to be intterogatif
          I am                    I am not                     am I ?
          you are                you aren't                    are you ?
          he is                    he isn't                        is he ?
          we are                 we aren't                      are we ?
          you are                you aren't                     are you ?
          they are               they aren't                    are they ? 

                                   to have au présent 

        forme affirmative       f.négative             f.interrogative
              I have    got            I haven't    got            have I ?
              you have            you haven't             have you ?
              he has                he hasn't                has he ?   
              we have              we haven't              have we ?
              you have             you haven't             have you ?
              they have            they haven't            have they ?

                                   to live au présent

          forme affirmative      f.négative             f.interrogative
                  I live                 I liven't                  live I ?
                  you live             you liven't               live you ?
                  he lives             he livesn't                lives you?
                  we live              we liven't                 live we ?
                  you live             you liven't                live you ?
                  they live            they liven't               live they ?


  • bed                                                  



    wardrobe  EDLAND Armoire 2 portes     


  • hello
    I m alexandre35
    I m 12
    I live in saint malo

  • What 's he doing in a dinghy ?

    Where is he going in a dinghy on a Sunday evening ?

    Why is he going to that big yacht on a Sunday night ?

    Why is he hiding his face ?

    That's fishy .

  •   Mira sounds fed up because she had a boring weekend. It was boring because she just watched TV and surfed the web.

    Sandra sounds excited because she had a fantastic weekend. She went to a club
    with fantastic DJ
    Tim sounds excited because he had an amazing time and he bought new trainers.

    Betty sounds sarcastic because Dan went shopping and she doesn't think it's amazing.

    Julia sounds embarrassed because she won the tennis tournament again.

    Good and Bads weekends.Good and Bads weekends.

  • Alwena thinks they should tell the police but Shanti says it's ridiculous.She doesn't agree with Alwena.Oliver insists it was fishy but Shanti says Mr Spencer is a teacher,not a criminal.

    Oliver isn't sure Mr Spencer is a teacher because he is different,but Shanti says maybe he is just very shy.

    Shanti admits Mr Spencer isn't shy,but she says they can't prove he's a criminal.

    They say they should watch Mr Spencer.They should spy on him. Shanti thinks it's dangerous but in the end,she says it's fun to be a detective.

  • It's Shanti's party. The kids are on the beach in Deal. Some are singing,others are playing ball and others are frying sausages,burgers.

    Oliver and Alwena are surprised because Mr Spencer is on the beach,he is getting into a dinghy....Shanti's party

  • Conversation 1
    Shanti is having her birthday party tomorrow from 3 to half past six.

    Conversation 2
    Linda can't help John with his maths homework tomorrow afternoon because she's going to Shanti's party.

    Conversation 3
    Alwena is practising at the swimming-pool this afternoon she's coming to the party too.

    Conversation 4
    Clara is babysitting tomorrow,so she isn't going.

    Conversation 5
    Oliver is walking mrs Wilburn's dog, but he's going to the party.He wants to know what time is it.

  • Telephone conversationPour débuter une conversation:

    Hello / Hi,it's...

    Pour demander de quoi il s'agit :

    What's up?

    Pour dire qu'on ne peut pas parler :

    Sorry/Look, I can't talk now/Right now...

    Pour demander de rappeler:

    Can you call back later ?

    Sur un répondeur:

    Call back or leave a message.

    Pour dire au revoir/à bientot:

    Bye/ See you!/ See you later/ See you tomorrow!/ See you on Sunday!

  • My mother is tidy and very sporty because she wakes up in the morning at 7.00 o clock,she loves going to parties,and...er.. she hates doing nothing.

    My father is very lazy and very clever because he never tidies his room and never clears the table,but he loves hoovering the living room after his series.
    just for fun^^


                In our class. 10 pupils out of 21 one often cheerful. 
                    13 pupils out of 21 are sometimes grumpy.  
                6 pupils out of 21 mostly wear bright colours.  
                    13 have lots of friends.  
                12 never sit on play alone.  
                     2 often get into trouble.