• The cd is energetic.


    There are seven boys.

    The lead singer is Dexter Holland.

    There is one singer, four drummers and three guitarists.

    Their names are Dexter Holland,Noodles, Greg K,James Lilja,Ron Welty, Atom Willard and Pete Parada.

  • Gandhi Djuna(Maître Gims)

    The band's name is Sexion D'assaut.

    The lyrics and the songs are very funky.                                                  

    He writes a lot of songs.

    He started his career  in 2012

      Maitre gims is a rapper.

    Maître Gims comes from the Republic of Congo


  • Taylor swift

    was born on 13 december 1989 .

    The CD's name is Red Tour .

    It is HAPPY.

    She plays the guitar ,

    she is the song writer and lead singer.

    she hasn't got  children.

    She is 25 years old.

    The CD is great





  •                     This is Soprano's first CD

                                  He is a rapper a singer. He loves rap and pop music.

                                                                         He lives in Marseille. He is French. He's 36.

                                                                         His real name is Sopra M'Baba and he doesn't play an instrument.

                                                                         His album is not boring,  i'ts cool.

                                                                         I like the singer but I do not like the instrument

                                                                        By Steven and Ronan 5°Verte

  •               Album: Kendji

    We love Kendji Girac.He is from France. The lyrics are happy.

    Every day he plays the guitar, it's cool. Our favourite instrument is the guitar. The album was created on 8 september 2014.

    The album "Kendji" is his  first album. Kendji is nineteen years old.

    Our favourite music of the album is "Andalouse". It's great.

    It's Pop music (inspiration flamenco). We always  listen to the CD at home.The album it's so cool.



  • This is Shy'ms fifth CD.

    She writes her own songs, her next  album is on 24 november 2014.

    The CD contains 12 titles. Her  type of music is pop and R&B.

    She loves dancing. Shy'm is a Fench singer.

    The lyrics are sad and happy ! We listen to her music in the morning.

  • Marroon5 is an American band.They play the guitar, the drums, the keyboards and the bass guitar.They lives in Los Angeles. 

    The names of the musicians are Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Ryan Dusickan and the lead singuer is Adam Levine.

    Our favorite CD is "V". The lyrics are very happy. Our favorite song is "Sugar". We listen the music at the weekend and afternoon.When we listen to this CD, we feel happy.cool

    Maroon 5 World Tour 2015 poster.jpg


  • Maitre Gism was born on 6 may 1986 in Kinshasa. He is a French rapper, singer and composer. In his family they are musicians. Maitre Gism plays the guitar and the drums . Our favourite music is"zombie". The music is cool, Funky. The lyrics are funky, the music genre is Hip-hop, rap, R&B, pop, dance

  • hello I'll present you the cd "Selfi" by Sindy. She is 19 years old. We love the cd, we listen to it almost every  day.  

  • subliminal by Maitre Gims

    Antoine.b and Antoine.c

    I love the CD, it is very good .cool

    Maitre Gims (Dandhi djuna) is a rapper and singer. In his family, they are musicians.He sold  1 000 000 CDs in 2013. He is very successful.   intellointellointellointellointellointellointellointellointellointello











  • MIKA

    by Eva and Anna 5 e Emeraude

    We like listening to this song becauseit it is cheerful.

    He was born in Liban on  18 august 1983, he is 32 years old.

    His name is Michael Holbrook.

    Mika plays the piano and the drums . He is a singer and he  writes songs.

    He plays pop and glam rock music.

    The most popular song is "Elle me dit ", It is his first song in French.

    Mika  was coach at "The voice".


  • FEU

    Feu is an album by nekfeu .

    By Noah and Kyllian.

    The titles: On verra, Princesse, Ma dope etc ... .

    The album was released in 2015.

    Feu is Nekfeu's first album.     

    Nekfeu is 25 year old.

    It was released in paris.



  • Matre Gims


        I like  the rhythm  , I like this music. The instruments are the guitar and the drums.          I like to listen to this music I feel free and happy.       

    It  is pop music.

    I listen to this music in the morning.


    My favorite cd  is"Zombie" ( Maitre Gims )


    The authors are Paul Van Haver, Gandhi Djuna, Aurelien Cotentin.

    The CD was released on 16 august 2013.

    The composer is Stromae.

     Our favourite song is Papaoutai.

    We like : Papaoutai, Carmen,Ta fete,Formidable.

    When we listen to  this CD we are happy.happy




  • CD's Black M by Dylan and Matthys