• Hello today I'm going to speak about Easter Eggs and other secrets about the giant's search engine : Google.


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  •  "Je te donne", A song made by Jean-Jaques Goldman has been recreated by the duo Leslie, a french singer, and Ivyrise . It's pop music. Jean-Jaques Goldman respected as the creator of what we can call the "tube".This remake gives a new thinking of this song.

    We have made a survey on 125 persons who have  listened to it and...they love this new song.

    The french and english people can understand this because, in the remake, Leslie speaks in french and Ivyrise speaks english. And, according to me, i love this song ! At the time of the original song, i already loved "Je te donne".

    I've a piece of advice for you: Go and get it ! Listen to  it when you are on a road.


  • Berlin

    The Berlin wall was built in1931 in Germany by the  German Democratic Republic.. The wall has a nickname : the Iron curtain .The wall separated the city into East Berlin and West Berlin for 28 years.

    On 4 november 1989, the wall was destroyed.

  • Hello there, today, I'm gonna speak about D DAY.

    1/ What is the D DAY ? D Day is on June 6th 1944. It's the day when the allies landed on Normady beaches that were called Utah, Omaha (these tow beaches were in the US sector), Gold (British), Juno (canadian) and Sword(british).

    2/Why did they land in Normandy ? The allies decided to land in Normandy because during WWII the nazis occupied the north of France, in the east the German army was against the Russian one. Stalin asked the allies to open an other front at the west. So they decided to land somewhere in France. The first time, the landing must take place in north-pas-de-calais but the germans thought the landing could only be in North-pas-de-calais because it's the french region so the Atlantic-wall was fortified here and lots of Panzers where waiting in the north. So Normandy was the best place to land.

    3/ Why did they landed in June 6th ? The first time the landing must be on June 5th but because of the bad weather condition in the Channel the landing was set 24 hours later, on 6th of June, a lot of conditions where required for the landing because there must be a full moon for the bombers but a dark night for over 100000 people who jumped during the night of 5th to 6th, the sea had to be rising for the men who would land on the beaches. These conditions where gathered in only 3 days in June 1944 (the 5th, 6th, 7th) The landing should be on June, 5th but because of the weather, it was the 6th.

    4/ 6:30 The hour when the first assault wave landed in Omaha, that was terrible, 80% of them were killed or injured (In was so bloody that Omaha was called « Bloody Omaha » because the bombing raid didn't destroy the nazis defences so in was more difficult for the US soldiers who landed, also, between Omaha and Utah, a natural seperation Pointe du hoc made 225 US rangers climb a 100 feets cliff, on the 8th of June only 60 rangers were able to fight.

    5/After, in order to fight to the victory the allies built two artificials port, but a storm destroyed a port in the US sector and damaged the second one in Arromanche. Thank to the land, allies gave liberty back to hthe Occupied zone and open an other front, nazis were circled in the South (Italy), West (Normandy) and East (Russia), when the Russian army arrived in Berlin, Hitler commited suicide, so the German signed the armistice, allies won WWII.

  • M Pokora, His real name is Matthieu Tota. He was born on 26 septembre 1985 in Strasbourg. I love his songs, my favorites are "Mes rêveurs", "Parti trop tôt", and "Chacun". He is the person who has won the most Nrj-Music-Awards in France. He is the leading singer in the musical "Robin des Bois", he plays the role of Robin. He won "Danse avec les stars" with Katrina Patchett 3 years ago. He began his career when he won Popstars in 2003. His fist music group was "Linkup". He visits sick childen who are in a hospital. He is very generous. He is very nice. He looks beautiful. He is my idol. .Sharone the Pokofan with the help of Anouck

  • Katrina was a hurricane which  destoyed New-Orleans (in the south of the United States) This hurricane formed during the hurricane season in the Atlantic in 2005.

    Katrina was one the biggest hurricanes...

    The reconstruction cost  108 million dollars.

    It killed 1836 people.

    There is no number of the  injured because it was to hard to count all of them.

    A lot of people lost at least a member  of their family, lots of people thought their houses could protect them. But they didn't. The levee system broke and the city was flooded.


    In order to evacuate the maximum of people a lot of helicopters came and they pulled on board all the people they could. They were evacuated to an airport which was used as a shelter. All the injured, the  eldery and the survivors stayed in the airport.


    In order to help these people lots of NGOs came to New Orleans so that the refugees could start hoping for a better future...


    George's restaurant is looking for a cook


    We are a restaurant in New-York, etablished in 1950


    We want you ! (Job offer)


    necessary qualities




    You must be a good cook


    You have to work during Weekends and late in the evening


    You need to be good with your hands


    You must be creative


    You have to be organized


    You have to cook fast to prepare quickly the client's orders


    You have to be a hardworker




    If you have all these skills,, and you want to work in our restaurant you can contact us  :




    1740 Broadway street New-York 10019 USA


    phone : 212-737-360


    email adress: georgesrestaurantny@joboffer.com


    The best restaurant in New-York !


    We want you ! (Job offer)





  • Alain Souchon is a singer who's born on the 27 Mai 1944. His real name is Alain Kienast.  He sing songs like "Jamais Content, in 1977", "La Vie Théodore, in 2005" and "J'ai Dix Ans, 1974". He influenced youngs singer like Bénabar or Vincent Delerm. His first songs was very successful.

  • Jacques Brel was a Belgium singer. He was born in Bruxells on April 8th  1929. He

    was a really good poet. He wrote a lot of famous songs like "Don't Leave Me", "A

    Thousand Time Waltz" or "Amsterdam". He recorded his first album in 1953. His success

    really began in 1957. His family was catholic and religion was a very important thing.

    1956, Jacques Brel's recorded "When We Have Just Love" in the Philips studios. He sang

    his first Olympia in 1954. When he sang in his concerts, he sweated a lot. He said : "I think

    God is Mankind, but Mankind doesn't know it yet". He died on October 9, 1978 in Bobigny in

    Seine St Denis.



     (Don't Leave Me, Jacques Brel)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Enzo Bourumeau                                                   

  • Job:

    -We are looking for a twenty-two year old dancer .

    He must be tall.

    -He will work from Monday to Friday .

    We are are looking for a man .

    Dancing with the stars

           It is the jury with 4 people

     Nécéssary qualities :

    The dancer must be dynamic ans not shy, he needs to be a good dancer .

    He has to be discplined and particularly artistic.

    He needs to have a good mental.

    Dancing with the stars

    Come to show your talent in the entire France .

    Phone number: 06 61 62 63 64

    Address: 3 cartoonis street, London.                            email:www.dance.star@live.fr

    By Paul


    Niall and Potatoes




    We want a singer for the band Niall and Potatoes. You must be creative, have a good voice, be charismatic, you mustn't be shy, must be dynamic and young (between 24-26 years old). You must be hardworking, flexible and you have to like travelling around the world.


    If you have these qualities you can come to the auditions on  January 11-12th. On February 3rd , August 29th, September 13th and December 24th there will be concerts in London, Mullingar, Bradford, Doncaster, Wolverhampton and Cheshire. You can contact Simon Cowell at the number 033-246-955 or at the adress scowell@live.en or at the adress 24 street Homles Chapel, Mullingar, Ireland.




    Thank you and let's live while we're young. xx


  • Men in Black 3 is a 2012 American film with Will Smith ,Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. The film was released in May 25, 2012, ten years after the second MIB ( Men in Black II) and fifteen years after the first Men in Black

    The intergalactic criminal Boris the Animal is helped in his escape by his girlfriend, Lily Poison , from the LunarMax prison on Earth's moon. He wants to go back in time to kill agent K, who shot off his arm and emprisoned  him.



  • In april, I went to Las Vegas with my friends for two weeks.

    We played in Casinos almost every day. We have done sandbord in the Nevada when we didn't want to play.

    The landscape is montainous and it was hot into the city.

    In the city, there were lots of big fountains with light effects.

    We won lots of monney in casinos and with with these dollar, we paid a trip to the Grand Canyon, it was so much beautiful.My trip to Las Vegas

  •   The first day I arrived at 9 o'clock in the airport of Norman Manley :On the  first day I went to my hotel and after I walked in the market. In the market I  was so suprised by all colours, reggae musi in all streets... there are many people. I have bought a fruit : the ackee. It's an fruit which has the texture of bread and it is the national fruit. When we look at the population we can see the traffic of canabis. the Jamaicains have dreadlocks. this morning i walked in kingston. And in the afternoon I went diving in the underwater gardens. I've seen wrecks, coral and beautiful fish.

    On wednesday at 10 o'clock i went to see Bob Marley Museum, where we can see the everyday life of the artist with many photos and his personal objects. It's a really beautiful museum, now i know this artist in the details. We can hear his music, see many of his photos. There were many paintings on the wall. After we went to see a film which speaks about his life. And the architecture of this big house is really interresting. In the street we can see many kids play, we can see the poverty and misery.

    OnThe third day, I  chose to go on the beach, the sand was soft and white. I swam in the Caribbean Sea and the afternoon i went to Rafters Village, where i took a raft to go on the Rio Grande River, along which I saw a plantation of banana and sugar cane. The landscape is beautiful.

    On the forth day i went to swim with dolphins in rainforest of Dolphin Cove, it's fabulous, an unforgettable moment. The animals are really surprising, are player and cuddly. After i went to parck of Grandbrook, where I  walked in the tropical forest and i climbed a waterfall. The forest it's vibrant, there many animals inconnu, beautiful bird.

  • Bordeaux is the biggest city of the area, it's very touristy and beautiful.

    The statue of Bergerac was built for the book of Edmond Rostand in the city of Bergerac.

    Around Bordeaux there is the Bassin of Arcachon and in this area the Dune of Pilat (117 Meters), lots of oysters, the Cap Ferret, Lascaux Cave and lots of  vineyard castles (exemple : Chateau Latour).