• We slept in the "Camping du lac". It's a nice camping ground. There a castle, 2 swimming

    pools, a lake, a playground. On this lake, there's no fish but a man was trying to fish.

    He looked ridiculous !!


    The first day we went to Granville.It's a beautiful city with a port,                                        My holidays in Granville

    shops, a historic center in renovation.

    In this city, there are lots of seaclothes shops. There is a                





    beautiful casino and a little marine theatre.

    It's  enjoyable to breath the sea air.


    The second day, we visited Julloville. It's on the sea and there are lots of "villas".

    The symbol of this city is the pine tree. The town is very large. There aren't lots of shops.


    It's a cool town but there aren't too many things to do apart from going to the  sea.


  • Welcome in coutry the most visited in world (78 000 000 persone for years).

    There are a wonderfull Tour Eifel, Lion de Belfort, Guignol, Arc de Triomphe...

    Created by the King Louis XIV (1682-1789).

    Versailles is also historically known for being the place of signing many treated as the Treaty of Paris (1973).


  • During the last holidays, we went to London, the capital of England, which is located in the South-East of the country.

    We went on the London Eye and stayed blocked at the top for 2 hours ! It was terrifying but the view was amazing ! Then we visited Westminster Abbey, we saw Big Ben, we crossed the Thames River by the Tower Bridge and the Millenium Bridge, finally, we did a tour of the city on a red double-decker bus !

    After that, we visited the London Tower, and it was really scary ! We saw the torture room which was horrible. We visited the room where the Crown Jewels are exposed and it was wonderful !

    Finally we ate Fish & Chips, and it was delicious !

    Thanks for reading our travel blog !

    London travel blog

    London travel blog

    London travel blog



    Last month I went to Japan with my best friend to visit Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka.

    The first day we went to visit the castle of Edo in Tokyo in the area of Chiyoda. In 1873, it was burnt and now we are sure it's haunted by a person who died in this fire. And we visited  the capital as well.

    The second day, we went to Kobe and we visited the Meriken Park which is located next to the sea. It is a very beautiful and a huge park in Japan.

    We went to Kyoto to visit the Kinkaku-ji temple. It was burnt in 1950, and we can feel the presence of a person. We were aloneand we got really scared!!! 

    The last day we went to see a sumo fight  in Osaka. We laughed because we thought it was very funny. And after that we went to see the famous tower Tsutenkaku. We went up to the 91 floors  because it's the last floor visitors can go up to!!!!


    My trip to Japan

    Castle of Edo in Tokyo

  • .Our trip in Perou.


    We are two french women, Océane and Morgane who have discovered the culture of Perou. It was very interesting and we wish we shared with you our fantastic trip to Perou.

    It was during the last summer, between the fifth July and the fifteenth July. Perou is located in  south America, near  the Andes. It's next to Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile.

    Let's go together !

    The first day

    We visited the Perou capital. It names Lima. We went to Barranco, it's a quarter of Lima. It's quarter of lots of artits and it is famous for its night life. We ate in a typical restaurant of Perou and it was VERY delicious ! But it was so hot...!

    After that, we visited the rest of Lima and we discovered the most beautiful landscapes of our life ! We continued dreaming when we saw the cathedral of Lima...WAOUH ! It was so...Handsome and wonderful because we saw it in the night.







  •  Our trip to Italy ...

    Italy travel blog


    We visited the Panthéon which is located in Rome. It's an old and huge roman temple built for  the Adrian emperor. It was built for the roman gods and after it used to be a church. We didn't imagine it like this! Then we saw the Colosseum. It was a scene of battles between  gladiotors, animals and slaves. It's one of the most famous places in Rome.

    Italy travel blog


    We went to the Pisa tower situated in Pisa.It' very famous because it leans. It was designed to be perfectly vertical, but it started to lean during the construction. Even if it leans, it's one of the most remarkable architecture. We didn't go to stay under the tower!

    Italy travel blog



    We visited Venice. We saw its pitoresque canals and went into a gondola. Unfortunately one of us fell into the canal! Then, we did the shopping. We found Venice very romantic, it was breathtaking!

    Italy travel blog



    On the last day, we ate a big mozzarella pizza at an italian restaurant. The pizza was composed of tomatoes, mozzarella (of course!) and basil. Il was delicious so we finished it but we didn't eat during one day.

    Italy travel blog




  • Madagascar.

    Saturday , 27 June  2010.

    We went Madagascar and it's just amazing !! The landscape was just beautiful , we thought we were dreaming  !!! We were there for 2 months , we knew , we were lucky girls !

    We met some nice and very united people  , we felt at home. We  learned the language to understand  more !

    We took lots of pictures, you know and my friends were jealous ahaha !!

    We love so much going to places in a rickshaw , LOL ! AH we have forgotten to talk about the beach , the sea turquoise like   the sky , we saw sharks , we were afraid !! We drank coconut juice , miam delicious ! Hope to see you guys , see you later and happy holidays !

  • My trip to Canada!!!

    When I arrived in Montreal, i was imprissed because it's wonderful and great! On the second day I went dog sleighing in forest next to the big city, it was amazing! The following  day, I visited Montreal and all the monuments : castle of Balarin, Church of Luzanet and Genens. So, the fourth day I went skiing on  Mount Royal and I did  snowmobile, it was great! Friday, I ice skated and I ice fished, it was so funny because I fell through the ice. On the friday night I went on a real lumberjack adventure, we made a campfire in the big, big, big... forest. On the  saturday morning, I did a snowshoes with my friends! And in the afternoon I went to the city of Montreal to shop.!! I bought many things, but pink jeans, it's very cool! The last day I went on a trip to the lake Saint-Jean, it was very beautiful. Canada is a  very wonderful and very interesting country, I LOVE CANADA.


    Mathilda et Lucie.







    Hawaii is located in .Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is the newest of the 50 states of the United States. Hawaii is more accurately about 3900 kilometers southwest of San Francisco, southeast of Japan, and north -eastern Australia.


     In Hawaii you can see beautiful corals.in Hawaii all the time the sun, except during tropical storms, when it's raining cats and dogsHawaii consists of an archipelago of 137 islands , which are the top eight, from northwest to southeast, Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and Hawaii Island .



    The capital of Hawii its Honolulu .in hawaii there has 1,360,301 habitants .Hawaii there are also extinct volcanoes and active volcanoes that can erupt


    Hawaii Ewen et Mélissa  

    Hawaii Ewen et Mélissa

  • New York is in the US. It' s too big and beautiful.

    There are 8 175 133 milion inhabitants.

    On the first day, we went to the Empire State Building. It's is located in Midtown at 350 5th avenue between 33rd 34 rd street. 

    On the second day, we visited the Statue of Liberty, It' s so splendid. It means " la liberté éclairant le monde".

    In Central Park there are lots of squirrels.  It' s so fun   Central Park is open to the public, created in 1857.

    We went to the baseball stadium, it was so funny because we were looking at the players when they told us to come with them! We were so impressed!


    New york New York

    Jeanne Blandeau, Jérémy Bigot & Fanny Ruckstuhl.


  • Hello, I visited Liverpool with my friends  It's in the north west of england.                        

    I saw the Wellington Memorial, it was impressive because the statue is very tall. It is situated next to  St George's Hall in front of the Walker Art Gallery.                                            After that, I took the boat and iIsaw a haunted castle with lots of ghosts, I saw Casper!

    We saw a match, Liverpool versus Manchester city, it was very funny and it was better than a match with French players.



  • My travel blog !

    Last week, we went to Italy. We discovered many  beautiful sceneries. The landscape  is quite moutainous. In Italy, They eat very well, the traditional dishes are pasta and pizza. There are some lakes in the north. 

    On saturday, we went to see the Coliseum . It is situated in Rome. It was created by Vespasien and was used for the hunting of the wild animals, for the fights and for the other shows.

    The tower of Pisa is also an strange monument wich is a not straight tower situated in Pisa. Some say that the tower leans on purpose, some others think it's not!!!

    My travel blog !My travel blog !


     Bye !! :D



    Monday : I visited the  Empire State Building which is located on the island of Manhattan. From the top, we had a fantastic view of Manhattan. There are 102 floors and, can you imagine, 73 lifts!!!!! Fortunately there are lifts. I wouldn't have liked to walk up the steps.

    Tuesday: I went to see what is left of the World Trade  Center. It was destroyed by terrorists on 11 September 2001. But in memory of that tragedy, a new monument has been built. It's very sad!!!! :'(


    Wednesday : I took the boat to the  Statue of liberty, it's the symbol of the USA and represents liberty. When I mounted inside, I had vertigo but the view is beautiful.

    Thursday : I went  shopping , I bought lots of clothes . I loved my trip and I loved to shop!!!  :D This is eth best trip of my life ! :P

     Anaïs Cochet and Océane Pichou.




  • I went to Paris for two days,

    The first day I visited the district of the Champs-Elysées. The street the morning I went  shopping, I bought beautiful clothes. At lunch time, we had food in a  ecxellent restaurant. It was delicious!

    The second day I visited the place of Tour Eiffel situated in Paris, in the northwest extremity of the park of Champ-de-Mars in border of the Seine. It is an iron tower wich is tree thousand and twenty-four meters high. It was built for the universal exhibition of 1889 of Paris and it was built by Gustave Eiffel.This monument became the symbol of the French capital. It is impressive!

    Paris is a big city,There is a lot of traffic,It was an unforgettable voyage!




  • We went to Füssen, a beautiful city in Bavière, in the south-east of Germany. It is situated near the German and Austrian border. Füssen is a little city, but there are 3 beautiful castles in it.

    The first day, we went to Neuschwanstein Schloss, an impressive castle. It's the famous castle of Germany. It's 200 meters tall, in a mountainous place. It was built in Neogothique style, by Christian Jank, Eduard Riedel and Georg von Dollmann. The beginning of the building was september, the 5th 1869. It opened in 1886. His owner was Louis II de Bavière. Today, it's like a museum. After a very very long wait under the rain, we went into the castle. When we saw this one, we were very fascinated. The interior was picturesque and beautiful.

    Then, we went on a bridge for a better view of the castle. It was breathtaking !

    My trip to Germany

    The spectacular and isolated castle of Neuschwanstein


    The 2nd day, we went to the castle of Linderhof. It's situated in the forest. We just see the castle because it was too rainy and stormy this day. The castle can be compare with the castle of Versailles near Paris, but more little than it.

    My trip to Germany

    The castle and the garden of Linderhof


    The third day, we saw the castle of Hohenschwangau. We see the castle far and I can say, he is very very impressive and beatiful! when we see it, he was foggy and the castle became very strange like a spooky house. The landscape are very wild and very colorful !

    My trip to Germany

    The picturesque castle of Hohenschwangau


    Héloïse HAMEL, Mélissa ZENI, Malo AUBIN and Timoté SIGWALT.