• For our final task, the teacher asked us to create an poem or a song about a city. I've decided to make a song about New York based on "Amerika" a music by one of my favorite band : Rammstein !!!

    Here's the original with the French translation :

    And here's my song !



    You like it ? So, song the lyrics with me !

    Tune [x2]

    You should go to New York

    'Cause New York is wondeful

    You should go to New York

    To New York, to New York

    Verse 1 :

    I dream about a city

    A city called New York

    A city with many things

    A city which's never sleeps

    If I go to this city

    After many travellings !

    I'll see the Empire State Building

    And the Statue of Liberty


    Verse 2 :

    When I would be in New York

    I will see the beauty

    Of the beautiful Central Park

    And of this yellows Taxis

    I will walk in the Fifth Avenue

    And buy things in Time Square

    And I will see an Rammstein concert

    At the Madison Square Garden !


    Verse 3 :

    You should go to New York,

    You should go to New York

    'Cause New York is wonderful

    So, you must go to New York

    Guitar's Solo

    Tune [2x]







    How many squares are there?




    To  know the answer highlight with your mouse between the arrows...

    -----------> 31 squares <--------------









    My ideal school is on the moon , on a spatial base , bigger than the White House. We can have video game and cinema lessons, there are lots of clubs such as a drawing club , a dance club , a fight club , … If we want, we can throw books onto teachers. That doesn't disturb the teachers because they are robots and they're cool and funny. At the cafeteria, we have the choice between twenty meals . We can use our phone in class. If we are tired , we can sleep on a gigantic bed. We must be careful when we go to the huge swimming pool full of coke because you can drink all the coke and become obese. The PC is the main tool to learn in school. Every week, the school organises a concert with an famous artist.


                                                                 THE ACTORS

    • Adam Sandle : Zohan
    • Emmanuelle Chriqui : Dalia
    • John Turturro : Le Phantom
    • Nick Swardso   Michael
    • Lainie Kazan                                                                         


                                               THIS STORY

    Zohan is a super-secret agent of the Mossad who organizes his own death to be able to settle down

    anonymously in New York where he wants to realize his dream: becoming a hairdresser




  •  Napoléon bonaparte was the leader of the French army.

    He won some wars against the English and the Spanish.

    He lost one war: Waterlow in Russia

     He was a strategist and a good emperor

  • To fish on the shore you must go on the rock and have good eyes!

    You can find crabs (" tourteau, étrille"), lobsters and shellfish ("palourdes, coque").

    or you can go on the sand to find other shellfish and a lot of fish on the sand ( "lançon").

  • The match was last Friday.

    At first it was an interesting game, then it wasn't. For the referee ruined the end.

    Rennes missed several opportunities, Evian took the advantage.

    By the end Rennes scored. Evian gave Rennes a penalty. I think the referee wasn't too good.

    In the end Rennes won 3-2 against Evian.


    Lol,  laughing out loud

    Lol  means Lough out Loud in the text message language. He rfriends call her Lol but her name is Lola. It is the story of a mother and her daughter who live the same love story at a different age. 

    Lola falls in lovve with her ex-boyfriend's best friend. Her moter is divorced. Her mother finds her diary and it will create problems between the two of them. Maël will be Lola's first real love story. All her friends livve similar things.

    We loved this film because it is very similar to our own lives!


  • Twilight is a beautiful series of movies. It is made of four volumes. The story is about a human girl, Bella, who falls in love with a young vampire named Edward. Only the girl is torn between two loves Jacob is a wolf in the Quileute tribe of enemies in cold blood. During the fourth book, Bella decides to marry Edward. Following this event, she became pregnant with a child half human, half-vampire who could kill her. Jacob is against this union and decides to end his friendship with Bella... (Trailer)






    A Job Offer


    You must be serious, dynamic, good with your hands, creative, sociable, and you need to have a good team spirit. You must have your "CAP Coiffure" and a professional experience.

    We need you as soon as possible in ouir new hair beauty shop for an indefinite period. It's an ideal job if your passion is hairdressing. Your schedule : 9an-11am and 13pm-1_pm, five days a week.

    If you are interested, call us  : or send us an e-mail : mlle.coiffure@orange.fr

     A Job Offer

    Océane Pichou
    Mélissa Adélaïde.
    3ième A.

  • - 2 yoghurt

    -3 yoghurt's contenairs of flour

    -2 yoghurt's contenairs of sugar

    - 1/2 packets of yeast

    -1 yoghurt's contenairs of oil

    -3 eggs

    The recipe:

    In a bowl, mix the yoghurt, flour ,sugar,yeast,oil and eggs . Put into a baking tray. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes.

  • The Classico was a football match between "Olympique de Marseille" and "Paris Saint Germain" in Marseille. Marseilles won 3-0 with  Loic Rémy's goal (9e), Morgan Amalfitano (65e) and André Ayew (82e). Marseilles is now number 9 in the first league.

  • Twilight 4 PART ONE :

      We went to see twilight 4. A film full of emotion, and of surprise. The film tells the story of a young human girl and a vampire. These two form a couple, and marry. Finally, in twilight 4 they have a child that kills the young woman, Her name is Bella.

    TWILIGHT 4 :

     Bella and Edward.      


    Gwendoline Le Menez and Anaïs Vidamant 3B.

  • Leon is a shooter . He kills people for 6000 $ . He loves  milk,  his best friend and a plant .

    His neighbours are killed. The only survivor is a 12 year old girl. She asks Leon to  avenge

    her small brother . 15/20                                   



      maxime petit 3a

    • Damien Walters is a pro gymnast . He is the king of salto, tempo, and flip.He does gym, trampoline, tumbling. He does dubbing in the film " kick Ass".