Advesrtising was invented a long time ago .

    You can see ads everywhere, commercials on TV hoardings and billboards, leaflets, brochures, on the Internet.

    Advertising is not only used to make people
    buy goods, the aim can be to promore a country,
    to inform about serious issues or problems.

  • You can answer these questions, and e-mail then to Mrs Jarry. =)

    - What is Internet?
    - What would the world be like without the internet?
    - Could you live without the Internet?
    - Is the Internet dangerous?
    - What kind of technology will replace the Internet?
    - What annoys you about the internet
    - Are you addicted to the Internet?
    - What do you think of social networking sites like facebook, MySpace and Bebo?
    - Can you remember the first time you used the Internet?
    - Do you think fingerprints or retina scans are better than ID cards?

  • We have read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    We think some articles are very important.Children be treated equally.Children should free.Children should act nicely.

    Everyone has the some rights.No one should be treated as a slave.No one should be tortured.You should be protected everywhere.The law should be the same for all.
    You should be able to be helped.You shouldn't he put in prison with no good reason.
    You should be judged without influences.You are innocent until it's proved you are guilty....

  • obese children in the USChildren are obese or overwweight because
    they don't exercise enough.
    They spend too much time on TV.
    the eat too much junk food
    and drink too many fizzy drinks .
    They take the bus instead of walking
    They had better walk and
    eat an healthier food !




    In all the letters, the teanagers have got
    common points.
      -They take a bus to school even if
    they  only live 1 kilometre away.
      -They all have lots of onacks, all day .
      -They all love fast food
      -School lunches are not very balanced
    In Schools they serve fast food snacks, junk food.