•                                                                                                                                                          La Gilbardais
                                                                                                                                                                    35 400
                                                                                                                                                                Saint Malo
    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,

    Thank you for your letter and the leaflet. I prefer the leaflet "melbourne aquarium » because I love sharks but I haven't touched a shark before. I have never played cricket. I wouldn't like to try because I don't like that. I have already seen penguins but I don't like that because I would't like to try. I have visited the "heaesville sanctuary" before and I would like to do it again. I've never seen a gold mine but I wouldn't like to see one.


    Enzo and Claire

  •                                                                                                                                      18 impasse marcel callo
    35 400 Saint-Malo

    Le 7 avril 2014

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,
    Thank you very much for your letter and your leaflet. I've read everything and it all looks amazing. I've already been to an aquarium, and I would love to do it again because i'ts world-famous and it is big and cool!!!!!!

    I've never seen a penguin parade,it looks cute and funny!! I would like to try, i'm so excited :)

    I've already been to a crickett ground, and... I wouldn't like to do it again... I'ts too boring..
    But i'm interested in wildlife!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you!! I'm sure I have  a fantastic holiday in Australia!!

    Greetings money
    Jaouen and Lola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •        25 rue de moka,

    35400 Saint Malo

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos


    Thank you for the letter, I've never been to the Melbourne Aquarium. I'm soooo excited, I would like to try. It's so much fun because it's fantastic, fabulous, superb...^^^^^^


                       Thank you very much, Fondly


                      Estelle, Cassandrayesyes

  • Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,                                                                                          4 avenue Aristide Briand                                                                                                                                          

     Thank you for the leaflets. I can't wait to meet you!     

     I've been to the aquarium before but I'd like to do it again. I'm really interested in sharks!

    I'm soooo excited to see some.

    I'd like to see penguins because I've never seen any.

    Thank you for preparing my holidays.


    Malo and Emilie.




    17 rue des Chênes,








    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,






    Thank your so much for having me,




    I have already tried surfing at home. I'd like to do it again in Australia because I like it and I want to meet Australian people.




    Thank you again for preparing such great holiday for me ! I am so happy.








  • Hello,

    I'm going to speak about the book: Harry Potter number one.

    At firstt, Harry Potter is droppep in front of the door of his aunt and uncle.

    During ten years, he lives at street 4, Privet Drive with his cousin (Duddley), his aunt and his uncle.

    For his tenth birthday,, he receivse a letter (his first!) from Poudlard (the school of wizards and witches).

    His aunt and his uncle have concealed him that he is a wizard!

    When he must go to London, where he must buy all of his books his aunt and his uncle don't want im to leave the  house but his aunt and his uncle hate Harry Potter so he is very happy to leave 4, Privet Drive!

    In London, he meets Hagrid who must look after him because Harry is very famous in the world of wizars and witches beacuse when he was a baby, his parents beat Lord Voldemort (the most powerful wizard) also called: "Celui-Dont-On-Ne-Doit-Pas-Prononcer-Le-Nom".

    Lord Voldemort kiledl his parents but Harry (when he was a baby!) resisted the powerful Lord Voldemort and killed him!

    Harry Potter doesn't know what he did when he was a baby, but everyone was informed of what he did.

    So... when Harry buys his books with Hagrid, he must take train number 9 3/4!

    When he is in the train, everyone recognizse him. In the trani , he meets a boy and a girl wh will become  his best friends: Hermione Granger (witch) and Ronald (or Ron) Weasley (wizard).

    Harry has a owl: Hedwige. But he meets his enemy: Drago Malefoy.

    In Poudlard there are four houses: Griffondor, Serpentard, Pouffsouffle and Serdaigle.

    At Poudlard, when they arrive the "Choixpeau magique"  chooses for the pupils in which house they will be part of for seven years.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione are in Griffondor and Malefoy is in Serpentard.

    If you want to know the end, read the book or watch the film! wink2

    Harry Potter 1

    Harry Potter 1


    Bye bye,




  • Hi, Edward,

    You won't believe it. I've won a weekend in New York City!!!

    I'm soooo excited.OH my gosh thid is goign to be the best day of my entire life. I will certainly visit the statue of liberty.

    I'll take loads of photos and I will definitely go to Broadway,cool!! huh?

    Yyou must be jealous

    I gotta go, CU,


  • Hi

    Guess what ? I've won a break in New York City !!! I'm soooo excited !

    I'm going to Times Square ! When I in N.Y.,I'm going to  see the biggest Statue of Liberty !

    I bet ist's not at all like on T.V. You won't believe this !

    I'll see the world famous yellow taxis ! I 'll relax in Central Park!!!!

    I'll see the best basketball match in the world !!

    Gotta go. I have to pack!!!!



  • Hi ,


    I have won a weekend in New York city !


    Are you coming with me ? ;-)


    We'll go it Manhattan the coolest place in New York !


     It's soooo funny and I'll visit the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art ) . 


     We'll drink coffee in Times Square then go to rest in the most beautiful park of N.Y (central park) 




  • Hey Lucy,

    Next weekend I'll go to New-york because I've won a lottery !!!!!

    I'll visit the Big Apple and  I'll go shopping!!!! 

    Certainly, I'll see the Statue of the Liberty

    I'm sooo happy

    Probably, I'll send you a postcard !!

    I'll go on a boat ride because they forecasted  good weather!!!
    See you!!!!!!!!
    XOXO !!

  • Hey Suzy!

    Guess what?? I'm going to NewYork city  next weekend because I have won a contest !! I'm the luckiest and happiest person in the world !! :) New york is the most superb city of the woooorld !
    I'll probably visit mémorial and central park , I'm sooooooo excited !!!

    If Il write this e-mail, it's to know if you want to  come with me ?

    We'll just have fun !


    XOXOXO <3




  • Hi Max,

    Guess what? I have won a weekend in New York City !

    You wont believe this, I'm soooo excited !!!

    I'll probably  visit the Statue Of Liberty and Central Park !

    I'll take a lots of photos and I promise I will show them when I come back!!!





  • Hi Stacy ,

    Guess what ?! I've just learnt I have won a weekend in New York City!

    I can't believe this! I will go with my parents! Cool, huh? I hope I'll visit the most famous statue: The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan!!! I will definitely take lots of photos... And  I'll bring you a souvenir!!!! I can't wait!

    Speak to you soon,



  • Hey Thomas !

    You won't believe this ! I've won a competition and guess what ? I've won the grand-prize. It is a weekend in New-York!! :D

    I'm sooooooooo happy ! I can't wait. It's going to be the best weekend of my life !! I hope I'll visit the statue of  liberty and  central park

    If I can take my camera,I'll  take  loads of photos and i'll send the photos to you by email  next time.C



    Pierre XOXOXO

  • Hi John!

    I'm very happy, I have won a weekend in New-York City! I'm soooo excited!!!

    I'm going to visit the statue of Liberty! I will probably go for a walk in Central Park. Cool, huh? 

    This is going to be the best weekend of my entire life!