• Hey David!

    Guess what ?

    I've won a weekend in New-York!!! I'm soooooooo excited!!!! It is the nicest city in the world! I'll go next weekend! 

    This is going to be the best weekend  in my life. I hope we'll visit Manhattan! I'll certainly go to Central Park, the biggest park.

    I'll sleep in a  5 star hotel!

    I'll walk up the Statue of the Liberty! If I go to NY, I promise I'll take a lot of photos.

    Wolf your best friend.



  • Hi Lucie

     Guess what? I'm going to New York for the weekend!!!!! I'm very happy! I''ll go shopping.It's very pretty,over there.


    I'll probably visit the city.I'm very excited!! I want you to come. I'll certainly buy souvenirs.

    I think it will be the best weekend of my life.



  • Hi Lewis,

    Guess what? I've won a trip in New York City!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm soooooo happy! A weekend in New York

    I hope I'll visit The Statue of Liberty and take the boat.

    If I go shopping, I'll buy a lot of clothes.

    I'm so excited because I'll visit Central Park!!

    Cool, huh?!

    I want go to visit Manhattan too: with a helicopter.

    I hope I'll find the time to take the Hop-on Hop-off.

    I'll go and visit the Empire State Building.

    Obvioulsy, we must watch at the match of basketball.

    There is a photo to help you traveling with me!!!!

    A weekend in New York






  • Hi Mason

    And guess what ? I'm very happy, I've won a week-end in New York

    I'll probably visit Manhattan Island. It  is the biggest city and I'm going to visit Madison Square Garden. Cool, huh ? I'm soooo excited !!!!

    This is going to be the best weekend of my entire life 





  • Hi  Jonhy

    I don't believe this ! I'm going to New york  next weekend, It's the biggest and most famous  city in the world...(*_*)

    I'm very happy and sooooo excited :D I  will certainly visit the Statue of lLberty but I certainly won't do my homework.

    This is going to be the best weekend of my entire life!!!

    You can not even imagine what I'll do, it'll be great

    I will probably visit the Empire State Building in Manhattan island , Cool huh ?!

    I'promise i'll take loads of photos.

    Gotta go





  • Hi Mickael!

    I have won a week-end in New-york! I'm verry happy because loads of people want to win a weekend in New-york and it's me! Cool huh?


    I'm going to visit the Statue of Liberty and I'm going to sleep in a a fantastic hotel!!!!! If I must choose the  people who will go with me, I'll just choose you. I'll probably take loads of photos and I'll send them to you asap.


    Gotta go




  • Lucie,

    You won't believe this ! I'm going to New York during the weekend. I'm soooo excited !!   New York is the nicest and biggest city !!!!!

    I'll take lots of photos for you. I've won this trip with  a quiz !!  

    I will certainly go shopping. I'll stay in the biggest and most beautiful hotel ever!!!!

    I'll take a yellow cab !! LOL

    I will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and  Central Park !!  I'm sooooo happy !!!!

    When I come back, I'll be tired.



    Lola and Claire

  • Hi  Brandon

    I'm sooooo excited because I've won a weekend in NY!!!!

    And guess what ? You will come to NY with me ;) 

    We'll probably visit the Empire State Building , the Statue of Liberty. We'll go to the Metropolitain Museum of Arts (MET)

    And the best thing is that we'll go and watch a Knicks match at the Madison Square Garden!!!!!

    When we are  tired, we will go to  Central Park to RELAX!

    And then we'll walk in Times Square

    If we go to NY, we'll take a helicopter tour to take a lot of photos





  • Dear Sonia ,

    Guess what ? I've won a weekend in New York. I'm sooooo happy !!!!

    I'll probably see the Statue of Liberty and  I certainly  will go to Central Park.

    I will send you a postcard. I'm going to Manhattan Island. I'm going to go shopping, thinking of you.

    See You





  • Hi Léa,

    We are SOOOOOOO HAPPY !!!!!!! We have won a weekend in New York.

    We'll certainly visit the Statue of Liberty, Times square (it's the liveliest part of the city), Central Park and Manhattan

    This is going to be the best weekend of our entire lives !!!!

    We really hope we'll find the time to go shopping !

    We can't wait !!!

    Oh, if you wan't, you can come.


    Camille and Maéva

  •     Hi Jack ,

    You won't believe this ! We have won a weekend in New york city with my parents. I'm sooo excited !!! :) We will visit a museum and monuments. (Examples: The statue of liberty and ground zero , ect...) Cool , huh ? It's going to be the best weekend of my entire life :). As soon as possible I'll send you pictures ;)

    Gotta go , cu



    Faustine and my parents <3

  • Robin Hood is a musical  but before a musical  ther was a hero...

    The main character of Robin Hood is M. Pokora.

    Robin Hood was born in the United Kingdom.

    He was stealing from rich people to give to the poor. It's really kind but it's bad too.

    He had a bow ( his favourite weapon).

    His friends was Brother Tuck, Little Jean,  Lady Marianne ( because she is his wife),... .

    His adversary was the sheriff of Nottingham.

    Robin Hood means: "Robin de la capuche " in French.

    Robin Hood was also adapted into a video game.


    Robin Hood


    Bye bye




  • I'm going to speak about a video game: Just dance.

    It's a video game in which we must dance to win.

    There are a lots of songs such as: "Beauty and a Beat" Justin Beiber, "Call me maybe" Carly Rea Jepsen, "What makes you beautiful" One Direction...

    There are the Gold Moves to win more points.

    The points are the "Mojo".

    While dancing, we must win stars ( up to five stars).

    On each song, there are many different ways of dancing.

    I've got Just Dance 4.

    It's super!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've put some videos.



    I hope you will like them....

    Bye bye


  • I'm going to speak about Bob Marley,

    His name is Bob Marley.

    He was born on February 6th 1945 and he died on May 11th 1981 in Miami.

    He was a singer and a musician.

    He sang reggea, ska, dub and rocksteady.

    He played the guitar, the flute, the bass, the piano and the drums.

    He sang from 1962 at 1980.

    His mother was Jamaican and his father was English.

    He had eleven children (four girls and seven sons).

    This is Shot the Sherif, one of his most famous songs:


     Bye bye,


  • I'm going to speak about John Lennon.

    His name was John Winston Lennon.

    John Lennon was a composer, a singer.

    He was born on 9th October 1940, in Liverpool.

    He died on 8 December 1980 at 40 in New York because a madman assassinated him.

    He played the guitar, the piano, the harmonica.

    His famous songs are Let it be and Imagine.

    This is an extract:


    Bye bye,