• Hi !

    You wont believe this ! I'm going to New York city during the winter break, I'm soooooo excited ! So, on Monday I'll see the Statue of Liberty. It's the most famous statue in the World. Then I'll go to the Madison Square Garden, to see a rock concert. I love rock, that's very great ! I would like to visit the Chrysler Building. Personally, I think it's the most original building in N.Y ! If I go to Wall Street, I'll do a Segway tour. It's so funny  I would like to take a walk in Central Park so much.So, that I would like to do in New York. I think this is going to be the best holidays of my entiere life !!


    XOXOXO <3

  • Hi, Charles

    We are going to New York for this break.

    We will go to the statue of liberty on Liberty Island.Then, we will visit the Metropolitan Museum of art.

    We will probably visit the Lincoln Statue Cool huh ! We are sooooo exited !!

    CU,Gotta go


  • Hi! Mathew,

    For our winter break , we'll go to New York. We are sooooo excited!!!!

    During our break, we will visit the highest statue of New York, this is the statue of liberty witch is located on Liberty Island

    Then we will visit the biggest place, this is central park. If we go Times square we will bring back a big present !!! When we go to New York City, we'll take a walk in Manathan Island. We'll go to the fraunces tavern asap, this is the oldest restaurant. Maybe We will come by the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art).

    We can't wait

    We gotta go cu



      Antoine and Corentin






  • Hello, How are you ?

    Guess what?! We will be New York during our winter break,cool,huh?

    New York is the biggest city !

    We'll visit the Statue of Liberty and the Madison Square Garden.

    Central Park  seems soooooo huge!!

    We'll go to the Empire State building in Manhattan , we are very excited!!

    This is going to be the best winter holidays of our entiere life !


    Enora and Nolwenn.

  • Hi everybody,

    How are you ?

    We are  planning our winter break and guess what ? We will go to New York ; the most famous city in the United States. We are sooooo excited !!

    We'll visit the Statue of Liberty, Cental Park is one of the best-know park in the world. We'll visit the Met (Matropolitain Museum of Art), the Madison Square is the most famous sport and music arena. Time Square is the biggest place of the city; there are Brodway Theaters , cinemas and huge neon signs.  Cool Huh ?!   We are going to Manhattan Island : We'll see the Empire State Building. Oh My Gosh, we don't believe it, we are can't wait !!!!

    We''ll take lot of photos and send them to you asap.

    Cu.Love, XOXO

    Caroline & Anouck

  • Hey Andy ! (:

    We're going to N-Y city for the winter break ! :D
    WE CAN'T WAIIT !! When we arrive in New York, We'll visit the Statue of Liberty *-*

    We're sooooooo happy :3 So, We'll go to times square to shop. We promise, We'll bring a lot of souvenirs =D ♥

    We'll take a lot of photos of Manhattan-Island ! (: We think, We'll go to Central park because the weather will be very beautiful !!

    We'll tell you everything when we back  ♥


    Cu :D :3

    The twins, Chloé and Ophélie. † ♥  




  • Hey Lucie,

    We're  planning our winter break, and we will go to New York City in February ! Are you in ?

    We'll go to Times Square and we'll have a walk in Madison Square Garden. And

    guess what ? Kevin is in !  ! We'll go to Central Park too ! Central Park's the biggest park

    in New York ! We'll go on a segway tour too. We'll go to Manhattan if you want to ! We'll go

    to the Metropolitain Museum !

    We are so happy to go to N.Y City ! We'll give you news asap !

    Cu, ,

    Enzo and Corentin !



  • hi ,


     I am going to New York ,I'm soooo excited !!!! I will probably visit the statue of liberty

    and I am going to the empire state building :

    -central park

    -time square


    -and madison square garden

     my favorite monument is very awesome this is a veryyy funny brooklyn bridge,hemsley building,woolworth builind and chrysler building

    see you



  • Hi !!

    What's up?                      

    If I go to New York during the winter break.

    I'll be soooo happy!!

    New York is very beautiful!

    I'll visit the Statue of Liberty.

    I'm sooo excited!

    New York is realy big.

    I'll send you a portcard




  • Hello,

    I'm going to New York during my winter break. I'm soooo Happy !! New York is the biggest city because there is Empire State Building and the Statue Of Liberty.

    Central Park is most famous and biggest park in the world. Manathann is a most famous district in New York. In New Yok there is lots of bridges. The most famous is Brooklyn bridge

    See you

    XOXOXO !!!!


    New York

  • Hi,

    I'll go to New York for the winter break and I will visit the monuments. It will be very fantastic

    I'll go to shopping and I'll see a match with the sneakers. I'm  sooooo exited.  I will go to a park and I'll visit  a museum

    I can't wait

    I hope I will have the time to visit the statue of  liberty

    I'll have a bunch of friends with me !!!

    I gotta go

     hugs and kisses

  • Hi sean,

    We are soooo excited because we'll go to New-York for our winter-break.

    We're happy because New-York is the best town in the world.

    It'll be the best break of our entire life.

    We can't believe it ! It'll be great.

    if we go and visit the Empire State Building, Central Park, Manhattan, and the Statue Of Liberty, we'll send you a postcard.

    See You When we come back to St-Malo.

    Bye  xoxoxo       Cu



  • Hey ,

    This is Maëlane and Yvann . We are  going to New York during the winter break.

    Yvann would like to visite the Statue Of Lyberty .I'd  liketo  go to the The Met ( Metropolitan Museum Of Art).

    Yvann will go to  Manhattan Island , but i'll go to  Madison Square Garden .

    We are going to eat in Central Park with my family and Yvann .

    We hope we will go  to the  Lil Wayne concert with my family

    Bye , I promise I'll send a postcard 


    Maëlane & Yvann :D


  • Hi Ron,

    How are you ?! I'll go to new-york city for my winter break !!!

    I can't wait,I'm soooo excited !! I'll visit lots of monuments !! I'll visit The statue of Liberty, The Empire State Bulding , Central Park ...

    This is going to be the best winter break of my entire life !!! I promise I'll take lots of photos.

    I'll go with my Mum and my Dad !! Cool, ?!






  • Hi wiliam

    Gess what?

    I'll go to "Forge World" in New York;)

    I'm soooo excited because it's a veryyy big shop!!! And I'll probably visiting the statue of liberty.

    I'm phoning you asap.