•                                                                         Hey Suzy!!!!!


             You won't believe this!! I'm going to New-York city for my winter break.I'm sooooo excited!!!! New-York is the best city and I love Manhattan!!!! This is going to the best holiday of my entire life!  I hope I'll find the time to go to Times Square. I'll probably visit the Statue of Liberty. I'll do and see a musical in Broadway. It'll be Mamamia!!!!! IT'll be so funnn!!!

                                       Gotta go, cu

                                                     Love Susy  <3              XOXOXO <3

  • Hi, Suzy !!

    I am going to New-York for the winter break.

    Guess what ?

    I'll visit the Statue of liberty, it's a beautiful monument !!!

    I have family over there !!

    We'll go around Brodway, to shop, i'll be very coooooolllll !!!

    I'll send you a postcard.

    Missing you.



  • Hi,alison!

    How are you?

    You won't believe this! I'm going to NY during the winter break!! Cool huh?! I can't wait! So, I will visit the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, and of course I'll walk in Central Park .

    This is going to be the best break of my entire life! I'm sooo excited!

    I promise I'll take loads of photos.

    Gotta go, cu



  • Hi ! Here are Enzo And Corentin !

    We want to show you Lamborghini VS Ferrari !

    Ferrari : Its biggest speed is 660 horse powers and 7800 tracks/min. !!!

    Lamborghini : Its biggest speed is 500 horse powers and 7800 tracks/min. !!!

    I think Ferrari wins!!!!!!

    The ferrari's engine is a V12 and the Lamborghini is a V10 !!!

    Ferrari :

    Ferrari and Lamborghini


    Lamborghini :

    Ferrari and Lamborghini


    The design of these two cars is the same.

  • Maroon 5 is a rock ground originally from Los angeles. Their music style is fun and  the group is composed  of John Mayer, Michell Brauch, Gavin deGraw, Phantom Planet, the like, Jason Mraz, the Thrills,The Donnas and  the former member is Ryan Dusick.maroon 5

  • Marnus Augustus calgar, Lord Macrage also know as, is the grand Master of Ultramarines chapter Supreme Marines Frome Space.

    He gained mush fame buy his victory against Tiranid forces (hive fleet behemoth)in the first war of tyrannye when the Tyranids attacked of Ultramarines of Macragge. Althong the marines space have incurred haevy losses could destroy the most of Tyranyd force. The rest of the Tyranyd fleet brocken of the leak in the eastern fringes subsquently return at fleets and Leviathen Kraken hive.


  • CALL ME MAYBE is a song (in french ; appelle moi peut etre) and it's den pop music.It was released in September. It was written by Carly Rae Jepsen ,Josh Ramsay;Tavish Crown and lenth. It was recorded by British Comlombia.call me maybe


  • Youssoupha is a rapper ! He was born in 1979, the 29th.

    I agree with his texts, I think he is a real poet !


    He has made lots of albums : " A chaque frère , Noir Désir , ..."

    My favorite song is : " Poids Plume " !



  • They Daft Punk

    Hello daft punk is a new group for music French .Daft Punk group of music

    The kind of music they play can be : -French touch

                                                                           -Music éléctronic


                                                                            -technoDaft Punk group of music

                                                                            -Disco house

    The group has deen 1993.

    All members of this group are :-Thomas Bengalter

                                                              -Guy-manuel de Homem-Christo

    Goodbye   paul




  • Myke tison is an American champion boxer. He practises English boxing.He is a heavy weight and he is 1 metre 78. He was born on 30 june 1966, he has fought 58 fights as  a professional .His nickaname is kid dynamite. In the 58 fihts he has won 50 fightss and he has lost 6 fights.

    myke tison


  • We went  to the Australian forest for the summer holidays. We went  to camp in the bush when suddenly we heard a horrible scream!

    We ran into that direction. We saw lots of men with guns. They were threatening a woman and her son. We were totally, totally, totally scared!!! But, we tried to save them. We heard a really strong voice. She said: «CUT!!!»

    In reality, it was a film shoot! The actors were laughing around us, we never felt so stupid in our entire lives!

    Shane & Margaux

  • I was in the water when I saw a shark.I swam back to the beach and I was saved,or almost because I got hit by  me a golf ball on the head.

  • During my holiday, I was swimming in the sea, when something caught my foot. I was terrified !!

    I thought it was a shark ! I was screaming and everyone was  watching me .

    I tried to struggle. It was horrible !! But when I realized it was just a seaweed.

     I turned bright red and all the people were laughing  around me .

    Morgane et Jelena



    I was walking in the forest when a tree moved! I screamed because it was terrible. It had three eyes, twelve arms and green hair !


    I got scratched and bitten so... I was bleeding and I ran to the campsite!




  • We were walking in the jungle,  when we were attacked by wild monkeys. we were panicked and we run away at full speed. The monkeys were chasing us by jumping from tree to tree, they had fluorescent eyes that could paralyze us a glance. We continue to run all our strength to escape them when we fall into a big hole we managed to dodge them before they paralyzes us. After falling into a hole trap door opened beneath our feet and we were in a room full of mummies. They tried to catch us and they had a look at laser beam, then we saw a tunnel and we borrow and we got into our camp. What a story!

    Camille & Sabrine :D