• My story in Australia 

    When we were in Australiaduring a walk with friends, we got lost in a huge forest and suddenly a huge bear appeared in front of us it was a surprise we were very scared. We started running and screaming. We started to panic. It was nearly dark. 

    We heard strange noises that were frightening. When it was dark, we start to  builda fire and we fell asleep.

    The next day, we left....

  • We were on the beach when suddenly we heard a scream ! It was verry strange so we went to see  what had happened .

    In the dark we could see a figure and something red that looked like blood .

    Five minutes later we saw a girl who was crying , and we asked  her why she was  crying . She saiid she had dropped some ketch up on her new t-shirt . We were verry relieved.

    But we think girls can sometimes be a little stupid!!!!A scary story



    Hiii :)

    I went to Australia this summer and I went in the bush it was so cool, but a terrible thing happened to me

    I was sleeping when I heard a weird noise  around my tent.

    I came out and...there was a snake in front of me. I was so scared it was night and I was alone at this


    I ran away to join the group which was not too far of mine. But when I arrived there was so many snakes aroud their tents, it was just like a nightmare !!!!!

    All the group was out of their tents some people were sreaming, othesr were


    The rangers were here and they were scared too. Seriously I never felt so scared of my entire life, it was horrible :'(

    My trip to Australia

    Anonymous and Océane 4ème B

  • During my trip, I was at the beach. I was swimming in the sea. And....A shark was near me... I was petrified...! But it was only a dolphin ! I was sooo happy and I was swimming with her. I met a friend and we  went to a night club to party !! And we had a sleepless night.

  • During my holidays in australia with my friends I went surfing. I saw a shark! It was soo frightening and big!! He wanted to eat us but we swim so fast that we could escape. 

    paladin3524, niniganoudu35, camillelm

  • I was at the beach, sunbathing, when I decided to go swimming. But once in the sea, a huge wave appeared and picked up my top swimsuit but at the time I didn't realise it. I got out of the sea and returned to my towel. Everybody was staring and laughing at me and I finally understood I was topless. It was the most embarrassing moment in my whole life.


  • We were at the beach, when we saw a shark attacking one child.

    I ran to go and save the child but I  realized That ithe shark was the child's friend.

    Everybody was making fun of me.



  • Last year,I was washing my hands in the river of the australian bush and sudently a crocodile bit my two hands.Now I can't write and work 

  •                                                                                                       Hello,

    I was in Australia and I went to the beach . I was so hot I went swimming. I saw a shark and the shark was swimming after me. I was stressed out. I was sooo scared!

    I was with lots of sharks for a long time . then the rescue team arrived to save me

    I was sooo relieved!!!

  • I went to the beach when I heard a whistle and an australian girl saw a snake and she was bitten ... I was putting some sun screem on me !! when I looked for my sun glasses and I saw the snake!!!!! I shouted so loud but fortunately the ranger arrived and he crushed it !

    Justine & Marie !!!!! <3...

  • We were a group of friends . We went to the funfair . We tried the roller-coaster. We were going up and down when suddenly Hugo's camera fell onto the rails and guess what ... ? The carriages were going really really fast . The train derailed and crashed onto a gift shop !!! But it was just a dream. Anthony was woken up by Maxime, we were in the carriages and we were having a good time at the funfair .


  • Hello,

    I was on the boat to go to England. Suddenly I lost my balance and I fell into the sea . I was sooooo terrified !! Because there were sharks. They nearly ate me up. Arrrrghhh !!!!!!  and I nearly died ! I was with lots of sharks for a long time. Then , the rescue team arrived to save me.


    Good Bye.



    Elina Schmit ; Allan le Gargasson ; Gwendoline le Menez.

  • One day, in the forest we were camping. We did a camp fire and we fell asleep next to the camp fire. Suddenly, we heard a strange shriek ! And ... It was sooooooo scary ! ARRRRRRGHHH !!! We didn't know where the noise came from but we didn't find. Finally we were lost in the Amazonian forest ! We found our way with the sun !  What a story !! And you, what's your story ? 

  • Hey ,

    We lived a fantastic story !!! One day we went rafting in Australia . It was so fun  !!! You'll never guess...All of a sudden , our boat bumped  into a rock  . We fell into the water and below the water guess what ??? , Maxime saw a shark , ARRRGH  !!! And finally the rescue teams came and took us back home by helicopter !!! We will not forget this really scary and cool adventure   !!! See you my friend .  requin





    Hi, everybody !

    Statue of Liberty !!


    We won a week in New York, it was sooooo good !!! We visited a big shopping center, It was funny  . The second day, for Anais's birthday, we went to the Statue of Liberty, and.. No ! We forgot what time it was... And suddenly, we realised we were stuck on top of it  ! It was very very very horrible !!! We Screamed ! And, suddenly, Alladin and Jasmin flew around the Statue of liberty, and Jade screamed , " Help Help ". But they didn't hear us. A few hours later, we heard a sound. We were soooooo frightened. We had seen a shadow, we hid in a local brush. But Jade went to see what it was. She came back with a man, who finally  saved our lives. We finally managed to return to the hotel and went to bed.


    Jade Alix ; Anaïs Cochet ; Anaïs Vidamant.



    Hotel in NY !