Our yellow submarine !

    You won't believe us ! Last month, we did a tour on a yellow submarine. We were eating a baby shark when suddenly the mother shark attacked our submarine. Can you imagine ? We were scared !!! The submarine broke and we drowned. When a group of turtles helped us. They dragged us onto an island and we partied with them.


      Turtles are our friends !L'Europe

      Hanelt Océane, Haurega Morgane, Renault Tanguy


    When I was 10, I went to the savanna  with my parents ... I was walking alone because I was lost. Suddenly, I saw a pack of elephants ... But, they were running after me ! I was petrified .

    I fell down and I rolled on my side. I saw a big kangaroo in front  of me he gave me a  BIG PUNCH !!!

    I blow and I landed behind a lion. Can you imagine ?  He pushed me and I landed in the arms of my mother.

    I realised I was just sleep walking and these animals were my toys !

    WHAT A STORY !!!

  • Hi everybody ! Guess what ? I'm back in France. I was in Australia, the trip was good but I've got a story for you but don't laugh at me  

    One day, we were on the BEACH in  Queensland in Australia. We were playing Baseball and my team won when a SEAGULL pooed on me. At first, I didn't feel anything and little by little I began to feel it. And when I realized my hair was dirty ! That was horrible ! And my friends were laughing at me : I've never felt  sooooooooooo ridiculous in my entire life. I went swimming to  wash my hair and after six times , it was clean but my team lost because I wasn't there to help them. It was a very bad trip !! What a story !

  • Hi everybody !

    I'm going to tell you about my holidays in Los Angeles. First, the visit of HOLLYWOOD !! It was enormous ! I saw the house of Will Smith and his fabulous Ferrari ! After, I went to Venice Beatch and you are going to crack up so on the beatch, I bought an hot dog, hmmm.. It was so delicious with a big saucage and lots of mayonnaise and ketchup. I was going to eat it when ( don't laugh ) suddenly a cygal crashed on to me and tooked my HOT DOG !!! I was soooooo cross ! It was the best day in my life.. . I will tell you more next time .  


  • Île Déserte

    We were on a desert island, with wild animals. We had little food and little water. We were hot! In the sea there were huge crocodiles and big sharks. We were soooooo scared!!!!!!

    We screamed "HELP !!!!"A boat was coming towards the island. But, they didn't see us! WE WERE TOTALLY ABANDONED!!!!!!!

    Mélissa started to cry! I made a fire.

    A plane saw we. We were saved!!!!


    Laura and Mélissa.A

  • Last month, in Australia, Aurélien was swimming in the sea.

    requinSuddenly, Aurélien saw a BABY SHARK!!! : AHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Aurélien  was soooooooo scared and I and Baptiste were cracking up !

    It was not funny for Aurelien but he  got used to swimming with the shark .

    It was fantastic !!! You'll never guess !!!

    Aurélien and Baptiste missed the boat .

    I was laughing sooooo much when the boat left...bateau

    What a story !!!



    One day, we were in the bush, when suddenly a bear arrived in the CAMPSITE ! We woke up because we heard a grunt. We left the campsite and ran away. Then we hid behind a tree. You'll never guess ! A bear had eaten all our food. CAN YOU IMAGINE ? It was sooo horrible ! 


    What a story !   

  • When we were in England, we were walking on Brighton peir with a delicious vanilla ice-cream! When guess what happened? A seagull diped down an STOLE Maeva's ice-cream right out of her hands! Maeva was sad.mouette




     In 8 days, SCRE4M was released in the theaters in the USA. It's the third sequel of the SCREAM Saga (My favorite horror saga). But SCREAM 3 was released in... 2000 ! Yeah, SCRE4M comes 11 years after the third movie ! The power of the SCREAM Saga is humor. In fact, in theses movies, there is horror and terror but there is  humor too ! And an critical humor about the other horror movies and the hollywoodian system (the sequels, the cliches...).

    And in 11 years, horror films have changed a lot !  So, SCRE4M adapts his humor to the passions of the teenagers (Facebook, Twitter), the many sequels of movies (SAW 1 to 7 !) and the new rules to survive in a horror movie.

    The movie talks about Sidney Prescott, who comes back to his home town,Woodsboro, to find his friends, Sherrif Dewey Riley and a Journalist Gale Wheavers. She also sees her cousin and her friends again. But, the killer who haunted Sidney is Back...

    In this movie, there are the original actors of the first trilogy but wa have many new actors like Emma Roberts, Hayden Pannettiere or Rory Culkin

    The movie is very surprising because it  is very very funny but it's also scary with jumpscares  ! And the identity of the killer(s) isunpredictable !

    L'Europe      L'Europe




                                                                                   The trailer


                                                                           The first 15 minutes

  • At school today, we aren't many pupils because it's snowing. I'm writing an article on the blog because we are eight students. Too bad... I'm going to  talk about Japanese temples.


    There are lots of temples in Japan. They are the house of dead people. It's very important for them. They burn incense and give  different food for them. It's important for them because dead people live a long time in hell or in paradise. Some temples are red-coloured. Why? Hum I don't know. I lovet their architecture. Hum I love Japan and I love ALL about Japan and of story!






    You don't know me? I'm mangadu35! I love mangas and Japan. For my coming back I'm going to speak about kuroshitsuji, my favourite manga this year. Kuroshitsuji is the story of Ciel Phantomhive, a small boy. He is twelve. He has a mission given by Queen Victoria. A black butler is always with him.. The name of the manga comes from the black butler. What a chance! You don't want to watch it? It's too bad...

    Kuroshitsuji pass on directstar at 19H30.








    John Howard Carpenter was born on 16 January 1948 in Carthage. He's my favorite director. He's also a writer, producer and musician. In 1953, he and his family went to Bowling Green, Kentuky. In his youth, he loved westerns of Howard Hawks and the 50' Independent Horror and Science Fiction Movies like The Thing From Another World  or Forbidden Planet. After High School, He made short movies with a 8mm camera. After, he worked at Western Kentucky University and at University of Southerm California's School of Cinematic Arts (USC) in 1968. He graduated in 1971.

    In USC, he whote, edited, and made the music on the movie The Ressurection of Broncho Billy, the movie won the Best short movie's Oscar.

    In 1974, John Carpenter made his first real movie, Dark Star. In this movie, he made the music but the movie was wrritten by Dan O'Bannon (In the future, this guy wrote the first ALIEN)





    In 1976, John wrote, edited, directed and made the music of Assault on Precinct 13, a modern version of Howard Hawks's Rio Bravo (one of his favorite movies). The movie had little succes but more than than Dark Star.






    In 1978, He made the music (always again), edited, co-produced and directed Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis (His first big role) and Donald Pleasence. With This Movie John Carpenter was recognizedaround the world because he created a new Genre : The Slasher Movie. In the time this movie was "Interdit aux moins de 16 ans" but now the movie is only "Interdit aux moins de 12 ans" because the movie has no blood !





    In 1980, John composed, wrote and directed The Frog, a horror movie where the fog hides dead alive. This movie has the same success as Halloween because the actors are Jamie Lee Curtis (again) and Adrienne Barbeau (His future wife).




     In 1981, he made the music , wrote and directed one of my favorite films, Escape From New York (New York 1997 in French), his first action movie in the future (New York has become a prison) with a political message. In this movie there is Kurt Russell (One of his favorite actor) and Donald Pleasence. With this movie John Carpenter had the greatest success in his career. The caracter of Snake Plissken had became a big hero in the world !





    In 1982, John Carpenter directed ONLY one of my favorite movie with Escape From New York : The Thing. But to my surprise, the movie DIDN'T work (Maybe because it was released at the same time as E.T.) But the movie was a second life when the VHS was released (Even if the Americain film industry has called it the Cursed movie !). The story is about a Norwegian in Antartica that is decimated by a creature from outer space (Which can take look like ay human). After the carnage, the creature decides to continue in the Americain base nearby. Although we don't see the carnage of Norwegians, There is supposed to be another film, 30 years later to telll what happened.




     In 1983, for the first time, John directed a movie based on a book : A book by Stephen King, it's Christine. Christine talks about a teenager who buys a car, car that is posseded by the devil. For me, this movie is average, so I don't want to talk about that too much!!!






    In 1984, John Carpenter directed a movie that has NOTHING to do with the other movies, because this time he directed a Romantic S-F Movie ! It's Starman, a "E.T. for the adults" according Carpenter because I haven't seen this movie (Sorry !).

     In 1986, Mr Carpenter directed and made the music of a celebration of Chinese and Kung Fu movies, Big Trouble in Little China (Les aventures de Jack Burton dans les griffes du mandarin in French). For me, it's a very good movie with Kurt Russell ( he's his favorite actor, you see...). But, like The Thing, the movie was a flop when it was released. He is a shame the movie is now CULT !






    In 1987, John Carpenter wrote, made the music and directed Prince of Darkness (Prince des Ténèbres in France). It's the COMEBACK in the world of horror. It's also the retun of John in the world of small budget movies. With this movie, John has a new nickname : "The Prince Of Darkness". This movie talks about the son of Satan who is imprisoned a cylinder. The movie was very CULT and very SCARY.






    In 1988, John wrote, made the music and directed a Political SF movie, They Live (Invasion Los Angeles in French), the movie speaks about a poor man who finds glasses and with these glasses, he can see the world is controled by  invaders from outer space. The movie was made at the time where John didn't approved of the politics in his time but the movie is also very humouristic. For me, this movie is one of my favorites.



    In 1992, John only directed  another comedy but with  fantastic, Memoirs of an Invisible Man (Les Aventures d'un homme invisible in French). In this movie, we speak about a scientist who was changed into an invisible man. But later, he's wanted by the CIA. That film was a very small success and it wasn't too popular.Too Bad !). 





    In 1994, John directed a movie based on the books of H.P. Lovecraft and the books by Stephen King to make "In the Mouth of Madness (L'Antre de la Folie in French) with Sam Neill (Pr. Alan Grant in Jurssic Park). It talks about a guy who is haunted by the universe  of a dead writer's books. For the fans, this movie is very cult and very scaring.





    One year later, for the second time (with The Thing), He made a remake of a horror movie, Village of the Damned (Le village des Damnés in French). The movie is  unknown because it wasn't too successful at the time because the film is very special because the kids were the monsters.





    In 1996, to the greatest surprise of the fans, John Carpenter directed the sequel of Escape from New York, called Escape from Los Angeles (Los Angeles 2013 in France). This movie is the sequel of Escape from NY, but it is a lot like the first chapter : Same Story, Same Hero but Not same location. The movie, more than Escape From NY, contains a lot of humor and a political message (like the end with the presdient of the USA). The movie also contains  a lot of references to American movies like a cameo of Bruce Campbell (Ash in Evil Dead) in a crazy doctor.







    In 1998, John carpenter directed and made the music of a movie based on a book, a fantastic action movie, Vampires, with James Woods and ... Vampires ! The movie tells about a group of vampire hunters who look forthe master of vampires, Valek. The movie was not very famous, but for the fans, it's the greatest vampire movie !





    In 2001, John wrote and directed Ghosts of Mars, a science fiction movie with action. This movie is very strange because we don't find the "Carpenter touch" because the music is hard rock (?!?) and the story is very special. But, if I forget these fishy things, the movie was a very good one. After this movie, John stopped his carrerr of director for the cinema but he directed 2 episodes of the TV series Masters of Horror, Cigarette Burns (La fin absolue du monde in French) and Pro-Life (Piégé à l'intérieur in French) but I won't give more information about that because 1) It's not a movie 2) These episodes were qualified like the worst of his films ! So, since then, Carpenter hasn't directed movies... Until Now !






    Definitly, John joined the world of cinema again  in 2009, where he  announced his new movie : The Ward ! A psychological and fantactic movie, in which a young lady, was captured in a psychiatric hospital, was haunted by a ghost in the hospital ! The movie was released in January 2011 in the United Kingdom, where the movie was a real flop ! (Too bad...) But, at the moment, we don't have a release date for  France. This movie is an unsuccesful one, but thefans' opinion was very good ! 





    In 2011, John is going to direct Darkchylde, an adaptation based on a comic book. The comic talks about a girl who is tranformed into creatures of her nightmares. No more information but we had a video about the special effects made by Weta workshop (Narnia, Lords of the Rings , King Kong...). But, for now, we don't really  know when the movie will be  released and we also don't know who will play in the movie






    My article is finally over, I wish you a good afternoon and a good night... with NIGHTMARES !!!!!!





    One piece  C ' is what ?


    It is the story of a liitle boy whose name is Luffy. He wants to become a pirate. One day, the pirates came to his village. They stayed for one year and Luffy became a pirate's friend.
    The boat's captain lost his arm saving Luffy from a shark the roux.


    He became a pirate and he chose his crew to find the "one piece". He ate an evil fruit and became an elastic. He can't swim.

    I love this manga because it is funny, dramatic. There is love and adventure.













                               Affiche Sherlock Holmes


    Last week, the 3emes and 4emes went to see last Guy Richie's movie : Sherlock Holmes at The British Film Festival in  Dinard. In this movie, Robert Downey Jr.(Tonnerre sous les tropiques, Iron Man) played Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law played Doctor Watson, Sherlock Holmes's assistant and best friend. This movie is adapted from  the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but the director (Guy Richie (Snatch, Rock N Rolla)) wanted more action than in the books. But, it's a very good adaptation and the rythm is very fast. The story is very interesting and the situation changes are very surprizing. If you are bored on a saturday evening, this movie is for you !







  • Hello again !

    Lisa and I were in Japan and we enjoyed that journey ! But for now, we have to speak about a very strange night in Japan.

    That day, there was a festival of the fireflies when we heard a whisper: "you will die ! "
    Suddenly we were petrified because we were sooooooo scared.
    It was the end of the festival when we went to our house.
    Later we were in the kitchen and we heard that whisper again !
    Now, we were searching the guy who was doing that !
    An hour later, we saw a theater stage and we heard that wisper but in reality it was a boy who did that !