• Hello ! My name is Alex, and I'm just crazy about  my collection of  small cars yes and I earn a little pocket money with my parents. So,  it's not enough for me and to buy small cars,  I go to people's, to look after babies  to earn extra money money. intello

    There are small cars everywhere in my home, even if it is expensive, I'm keen on it ! 

    When I have some money, I buy one or two small cars to extend my collection.cool

    Sometimes, I swap one worn out small car , for a new thing. smile

     Goodbye everybody !



    Enzo & Kalil.       With My Pocket Money :

  • Hello, I'm Justine and I'm just crazy about shopping for decorations cool !!!


    I don't have much Pocket money but I do a car boot sales and I sell a few things  to earn money intello.


    After having collected much money, I buy decorations for my bedroom ( I buy candles, cushions, paintings, flowers ...) winktongue.


    After saving the money, I buy a lot of cheap presents for my friends and I swap a lot of things in exchange of presents from my friends yes !

    My adresse e-mail is : justine.lf@gmail.com !



    get my pocket money

    Noémie, Manon

  • Hello! My name is Lisa. 

    My parents never give me much pocket money.cry

    I earn pocket money by babysitting, helping  people to do their shopping and cleaning.

    I win $100 a month.happy

    With my friends, I go shopping every weekend.glasses

    Most of the time I buy  make-up and high heel shoes.

    I give the money left to my parents.

                                                          lilisa@hotmail.fr                          lilisa@hotmail.fr



    Lola Poisson et Marine Portanguen


    We are just crazy about video gamesyes but we have no Pocket money.

    We eat many candies.biggrin   We save  money for later. We get presents and money for birthdays we invite a lof of friends. For Christmas as well.

    We do odd  job as  baby sitting,mowg  the lawn, doing housework and washing cars.cool

    Sometimes we buy and swap video games .

    mael et youen

    We have little Pocket money.money










  • Hello! My name is Brigitte. To win pocket money we do little things, we sell things.We sell at car boot sales around 3 poundsyes. I like  to go to car boot sales to talk and laugh with  peoplecool.I share my passion with my friends Alex,Louane and Maxime. They help me to make and sell my little things.I win around 25 poundswink2.


    Guyot Marine 

    Ragot Eliott


    Hey! I'm Kate and I love sharing activities with my friends ( going to the  cinema,  the swimming pool, the skating rink,... ). I love buying clothes too winktongue

    To earn my pocket money, I help elderly people to tidy after they shop. But I do not earn much pocket money.

    I then babysit to earn more Pocket money.cool

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                                                Maelle & Violette

  • I'm just crazy about video games . I earn 15 $ a month. The 15 dollars are easily spent on video games.


    Hey, I'm Amandine. I'm crazy about horses because they are so cutekiss. To earn some pocket money I look after small children to help their parents.

    In the morning I do different activities with children and in the afternoon,  children have a nap sleep . During that time I make clothes for small children and after I sell them to their  parents.

    Every weekend I earn $50 biggrin.

    With my pocket money, I buy material to make clothes for children. 

    Every end of a month I earn $200 biggrinbiggrin

    Whith my money I buy things to go horse riding cool.

     Malorie Paul , Lisa Martin .

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  • I'm addicted to soccer smileI get a  lot of pocket money but not enough to buy  beautiful shoes and football shirts. I'm determined to find a job. I can sell ice creams. I have found a summer job. I can also sell  donnuts against on the beach to buy what I want.



    Hello!. With my pocket money I buy much video games. I earn little money to buy sweets.wink2 I'm just crazy about sweets and candies.

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    To earn  pocket money, I help my parents but I earn  5£. I swap things, I do garage sales, I make much pocket money.coolI'm keen on  computer games sleep. I'm selling my computer to buy a new computer.







  • To make pocket money, I do odd jobs such as cutting lawn for  neighbours, newspaper delivery. I also do car boot sales. My grandparents give me $50 yes  every new year. And I look after children. Thanks to the money earned by these odd jobs and the money that my grandparents give my. Since I am crazy about  las Vegas, I'll buy myself a trip there  happyGet my pocket money


  • coolHello!yes my name is Rafago, i'm 12 years old . I live in New-York .

    I'm just crazy about video-gameswinktongue(GTA.V, Call-off Duty ...). With my money I buy video-games and books.

    To win some Pocket money $$$, I do odd jobs ( washing-car, cooking, dog-Walking and homework-help anywhere )

    My parents don't give much Pocket money, but with my jobs I  win a few 25$ a week.

    Bye-bye, see you soon happy.

    e-mail: rafago@fougoas.fr


  • Barcelona:

    Barcelona is situated in the West of Spain . There are  7,2 milion inhabitants in 2013 . There are a lot of monumenst ( sagrada familia , casa milà, stade de barça ...) . In  Barcelona, They speak Catalan and Spanish. The Catalan is a native language for the Catalans.                  There is a royal family ( Letizia, Felipe,Jan Carolos...).


  • Hi ! I'll tell you the worst story of my life.

    I was walking  in the rain forest with a group of hikers when I thought a liana was a snake. I got scared !!!

    I ran as fast as possible when I stumbled on a root. I fell into a little pond ... I came out covered in mud. I became bright red ! 

    All the hikers were laughing around me. I've never felt so stupid in my entire life !  

    Marianne and Maëlys

  • We were at the beach swimming in the sea. Sunddenly we saw a shark  which was coming towards us. It opened  its mouth and it wanted to chew us. But a boat came and began to  horn, I woke up it was just a nightmare.sleep