• I was sleeping on the beach and I got sun burnt stupidly and I burnt my back.I went to hospital and now I never fall asleep on the beach!!!

  • I was sleeping in the rain forest, in Australia . I woke up and I saw a spider. I was scared to death and my best friend arrived, she was laughing because it was a plastic spider. That was fun!

  • I was taking a picture. I was walking in the  forest when met a koala.

    Before sleeping  we had sung in front of a fire when a snake appeared. After going  swiming, I was sleeping on the beach but i  didn't  forget to  put  suncream not to get sunburnt.

    I going in the campsite for go eating and pick up flowers.

  • In the rainforest, we were going to sleep in the tent when we heard noises of animals. We quickly went out of the tent and we saw it was a tiger! 

    We panicked and went closer to the fire. The tiger became afraid because of the fire and left.

  • Hi everybody,we gonna tell you our story,we were in the rainforest, it was midnight and we were lost. And we heard a scream, so we went in the direction of the scream and met a family of koalas. That wasn't dangerous until the koala's chief bit a girl and all  the koalas attacked all of us and a just a few of us  survived. At the beginnnig  we were 16 people......At the end we were only 3 people. In the rainforest, they are a lots of dangers...

  • We were in the bush. We were singing and playing music around the campfire, when we heard screams. We were scared, and we were wondering what it was. To know what it was we  looked in all directions, but we discovered that it  was just a cat. We have never felt so stupid in our entire lives!!

  • The Panda :

    There are two species of pandas: the panda gean ( white and black ) and firefox (small and red ) .                                                                 They eat bamboo, they love it ! They live in the rainforest , They must eat around 12 Kilos of bamboo per day. 

    They look more like a bear and a raccoon.It is an endangered animal.                                            



    London is the capital of the United Kingdom. There are about 9 000 000 inhabitants. In French, london means: Seigneur,guide nous.                  In London, there are a lot of monuments ( Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum ...) . It attracts 27 milion tourists per year.         Three years ago, London has welcomed the Olympics.                      The British royal family (Elisabeth, Kate, Wiliam, George, Charlotte...) live in London in the United Kingdom. 


  • Kingdom Heart's is a video game series created by Disney and Square Enix in 2002. The heroes of the game are Sora ,Roxas,Riku etc...

    The saga is a mixture of the universe of Final Fantasy and Disney.

    In the game you can find universes or characters of Disney like Agrabah, Alice in Wonderland, Dingo, Donald etc...

    Heartless are mad characters, the boss is Riku formely Sora's friend.

    Today there are 11 different games because 4 games are "remix editions". The story of KH1:

    -Sora lives on a desert island but one day he and his friend finds a door.

    -Kaeri, the girl enters and  she is teleported we don't know where.

    -Riku disappears.

    -Sora run through the door and he finds himself in Travel Town.

    -He explores different worlds to find his friend.









  • Dancing:

    Dancing is a succession of movements often on the rythm of a music . There are diferent types of dancing ( classical, jazz ...).There are different dances according to contries . It is created in ancient times . At the beginning it was to divert the queen .


  •  coucou mr and mrs Mario,

    Thank you very much for having me on the exchange. It must be great fun !!!

    I can't wait to go to the Melbourne aquarium because. I like  wildlife and sharks.

    It looks fascinating!


                                                       -===-{Alexandre et Maxime}-===-



  • coucou  Mr and Mrs Mitsookos,


    Thank you for the leaflet, i'm so excited !!!!  because I'm looking forward to visiting the Melbourne aquarium in Australia.

     I've never seen a shark and turtles in an aquarium.

     I am not a  dare-devil, I'm really looking forward to seeing kangaroos.


    I would like to visit the Healesville sanctuary because it's Australia's unique wildlife.

    Thank you for organizing my trip.




    Hugo and Théo.


  • coucou

    Thank you for the leaflet. We've chosen adventure number 3 because we've never seen a cricket match and we would love to see one. We can't wait, we're so excited.

    We would also like to live  experience number 2 because we've never been in wildlife before.We think it'll be a nice experience!Thanks again for preparing such great holidays for me! Looking forward to meeting you.

    Fondly                        Mathys and Léo

  • 3 rue des fauvettes saint avé

    Wednesday,22th April

    coucou Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos

    Thank you very much for the leaflet. I would like to go to the Melbourne Aquarium. smile

    I think it's beautiful. I've never seen  sharks, turtles and  big fish before.

    I'm interested in going to the  Healesville Sanctuary because I've never seen  animals in their natural habitat.

    I'm interested in taking photos and  new experiences and I'm  quite bold.

    It's so much fun !!!!!!!happyhappyhappy


    Loann et Priscilia

  •  Dear Stefan Mitsoukos,

    Tank you very much for the leaflet.I'm soooo excited!!! I'd like to go to the Headlesvilles Sanctuary because I love animals!! I have never seen  dingos. I have never been to Melbourne. And I'd like to go to the Penguin Parade, Philip Island because I'd like to live a new ewperience. It's so much fun!