• OH,MAN!!!!!!

    And guess what? We have won a trip to New-York!!!!!

    We are soooooo excited because New-York is our favorite city in the worldglassesglassesglassesWe'll go and see the Statue of Liberty .We'll go  shopping in  times square. We'll see a basketball match.

    We can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mathys AND Pacôme

  • Oh man!!!!

    Guess what? We've  won a week-en in New Yorkcool

    We're soooooooooo Happy!!!!!happy New York city is the nicest and the biggest city ever!!!intello

    When I am over there,I'll go and visit the Statue of  Liberty!!tongue

    We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!winktongue

    We will stay at  friends!!! Our friends are Fantastic!!!yes

    We'll go to the ice skating with my friends!!!glasses 

    we'll send you a fantastic postcard, ASAP!!

    Léo and Julien.




  • lorin!!!


    I have won a weekend in NYC.winktongue  I'm packing and I'll be leaving next Monday. Cool, huh? Would you like to come with me?



  • Hello !!!

    And guess what ??? We have won a trip in New York happy !!!

    We hope we'll visit  the Statue of Liberty. We would like to see the White House and we'll certainly go for a walk in Central Park. We're soooo excited happy !!!

    We've going to stay in the biggest and the nicest house with a beautifull view.glasses

     We can't wait !!!

    We will send you a FANTASTIC postcard, ASAP tongue

    We gotta go, CU

    Brewan and Loann      


  • Guess what? I'm going to New York next Friday glasses .

    I'll visit Broadwayhappy and the Statue of Liberty !

    I'm sooo excited !!!!!!!!

    I can't wait!!!

    I will go  to the cinema to watch "Dum & Dumber To" And  

    "the Hobbit 3" ^^

    I'd like to go to a Burger King  :D

    I promise I' ll take loads of photos and I'll send you ASAP.

    I gotta go, cu.



  • Hi Lisa

    And guess what ? We have won  a weekend in New York !! yes

    We'll go and see the Statue of liberty, we'll visit the biggest buildings, we  can't wait . We're soooo happy!!!!!! smile

    We'll eat ice-cream in Central Park. happy

    We'll also visit a museum. We hope it'll be fun!!!! sleep

    I gotta go

    su !!!!


  • Oh,Man!!!

    And guess what! We've won a trip to New York for  winter break. We're sooooooooo excited.happy

    New York is the largest and the most fabulous city!!yes

     Oh my god!!When we are over there, we'll visit the Statue of Liberty and we'll eat at the restaurant every day!!!

    We're soo happy because we'll go on a Segway Tour!!!money

    We 'll stay at my uncle's house. His house is the most beautiful and it is the greatest !!

    We'll go to the cinema because the cinema in New York is the nicest and the biggest!sarcastic

    We can't wait!!!

    We will send you a fantastic postcard,ASAP

    We gotta go,CU !!!biggrin 


  • Hi !!!!

    Guess what ?!!! I have won a trip to New York !!! smile New York is the most beautiful city I know.

    When I am in New York, I'll visit the Statue of the Liberty and I hope I'll go to Central Park !!! I'm soooooo excited ! I'll stay at the BIGGEST house ever !!! Oh my god, this is the best day of my life !!!! I'll watch a basketball match ! Knicks you know ?!!!

    I'll send you the most beautiful postcard in the world ASAP. happy I gotta go. CU XOXOXO

    Maëlys and Benjamin

  • Oh man ! Guess what ?  We 've won a weekend in New-York !!!!! We are sooooooo excited to go to New-York ^^. We'll visit the Statue of liberty and the Empire State Building !!!!

    We'll go to Ellis Island !! New-York it is the biggest city glasses.  Its nickname is the "Big Apple" .We 'll walk on Manhattan Bridge and we'll watch  fireworks at  night  for  the National Day !!!!!!wink2 We cycle in Central Park !!!

     We'll visit the Moma, it is a museum of art !!

    Adam  and Marine

  • Guess what? I m going to new york city tomorrow because I have won a  trip to New York city. I'm soooo excited!!!yes

    I'm visiting the Statue of Liberty and I'll go to Central Park. New York is the biggest and nicest city. I'll stay one week in New York. It'll be  sooo funhappy.

    I'll send you the most beautiful pictures asap.

    see you.


  • Hello!

    Guess what ? I'm going to New-York this weekend because I have won a trip. yes

    I'm visiting The Statue of Liberty, I'm sooooo excited ! cool

    I'll relax in Central Park, it's the nicest park in New-York. glasses

    When, I am in Broadway, I'll see a play.

    If I can, I'll visit The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, it's one of the biggest museums in the world.

    I will send you a beautiful postcard. ASAP

    I gotta go



    Marianne and Hugo.L  

  • He's a Fench youtuber. He's 21 sayse is s old. His real name is Sebastien Hamidi.He likes the TV Show"On n'demande qu'a en rire".426 378 people follow him oin his youtube channel.They follow his because the public like minecraft video and his "let's play".He's friends are Siphano, Frigiel, Kigyar69, TheFantasio974.He's cat was named Gribouille.


    His channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Unsterbliicher

    Good playlists:

    Fallen Kingdoms 3: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE066AFA083E5ABB5


    Minecore: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFFB4EBCB006D0725

    Hunger Games with TheFantasio974: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2qxTnayM6p02iamJnSgCeEfgpgY9PeWO

  • Ghost Stories

    There are many ghost stories, but some are very interesting. I'll take the example of Winchester Manor. Here is the story: William Wirt Winchester, the son of Oliver Fischer Winchester (founder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company) marries Sarah Lockwood Pardee in 1862. On the 12th July 1866 Sarah gives birth to Annie Pardee Winchester but she dies somes weeks later. Later, William dies from  tuberculosis.

    Sarah starts to think her family is haunted by all the people who were killed by a Winchester gun.

    To calm them, she builds a house for these spirits. Now, if you go to the US, you can visit this house. And, if you visit it, you'll see there are incoherences: stairs to the roof, doors to walls (you can open them, but you'll just see a wall !) anthedoor to nowered the world famous Door to nowhere !

  • Paintin  is an art . We must draw to learn how to paint.  You just have to like  it .smileThe   primary colors are : yellow , blue and red.    If you mix yellow  and red, you get orange. If you mix red and blue, you get purple. If you mix blue and yellow, you get green .                                                    

    We can use a paintbrush and  a palette knife painting . There are different  types of  paintings ( acrylics and oil painting )

  • Buckingham Palace is located in Westminster. It was built in 1703 by John Sheffield but John Nash transformed Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms and there are 1514 doors and 720 windows. In 1761 Georges III bought Buckingham Palace. In 1762 , he was remodelling it and in 1820 , Georges IV decided to reconsruct the house. Making the guard laugh is very funny.

    Buckingham Palace