• 6ème - réalisations

    Bonjour, voici la rubrique des 6èmes.

    Vous trouverez différents articles pour progresser en
    anglais sans bouger de chez soi !!!
    Bonne visite et Bonnes lectures !!!

  • He has got two players .The two players is RAPHAËL NADAL and GAËL MONFILS.coolcoolmadmadmadcryno

  • The British don't kiss, they give a big hug

    The  bus drivers often say love or pet..

    They like sending cards.

  •   The British people drive on the left.  

    They love cricket and golf.

    In British schools, pupils often wear a uniform.

    Don't kiss!In the morning,just say ''HELLO'' or ''hi''

    The british people often send  cards


  • My vampire saga is Twilight.

    It'is American.

    It's famous all over the world.

    it is the story one vampire,one werewolf and one human.

    Edward, Jacob and Bella.

  • The British  people don't kiss but they often hug;
    They have tea at 6.00 in the evening.intello
     You Must know:DON'T KISS!In the morning ,just say"HELLO" or "hi".cool

    Tou give your friends a big hug like after a holiday or on a special occasions.glasses

  • In British schools pupils often wear a uniform .

    In the morning, just say "hello" or "hi" .... yes

    Friends sometimes give  a big hug.

    The bus drivers call you "love" or "pet" ....

    Don't call your host parents "mr" or "mrs".




  • The British rarely kiss, but they sometimes hug.

    They say jim and jenny but don't say "mr Bentley"and "mrs Bentley" to their host parents... or they laugh out loud ( lol).tongue

    They sometimes  hug for big occasions.

    They often send cards.

    They often  have their tea at 6.30 in the evening.



  • The British people send a lot of cards.

    Tea is at around 6.30 in great Britain.

    In the morning , brithish  people don't kiss. They just say:''hello'' or ''hi''.

    Don't be surprised, they  often use first names.

    They love playing cricket!

    In British schools pupils often wear a uniform.!!!


  • They don't call their host parents mr  bentley  and  mrs  bentley, they call them Jim or Jenny.lhel


    In  Britain, they  often  have  tea  around 6.30.yes




     British  people  often  send  cards, for a birthday, for Christmas, for Valentine's day.....beurk


     esteban.                                                    LOL

  • -Hugo and Jeanne



    - my name is hugo. What's your name?

    - My name is Jeanne. Where are you from?

    - I'm from Saint- Coulomb. Did you have any brother or sister?

    - I have a sister and a brother. Do you like pizza and pasta ?

    - Yes, I like pizza and pasta.


  • On the road 
    you mustn't  drive over 30
    you must  use your indicateur
    you can't turn right
    Lucas Vibert  Esteban

  • On the road, we must look at the signs.

    We must use the indicator, before turning.

    We must respect the rules.

    We must respect the speed limits.

    We must wear our seatbelt.                                                                                                                                                              .


  • - Good morning, class.

    - Good morning, miss.

    - How are you?

    - Fine,thank you.

    - Anyone absent today?

    - Jennifer's absent Miss...

    knock, knock....

    - Come in!

    - Er...sorry I'm late , Miss.

    - OK Jennifer, go to your seat, quick


    Lucas Vibert



  • Le jour de noël

    Le jour noël et un événement en famille qu'ont partage avec ses proches. On met un sapin pour décorer la maison et pour mettre les cadeaux sous le sapin de Noël. Souvent on mange une dinde et en dessert du Christmas pudding. Les enfants accrochent des "stockings" pour y recevoir des petits cadeaux et bonbons, en plus des cadeaux qu'ils recevront. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 

  • I like fish, chocolate, apples, chips and cookies but I don't like carrots, cheese, milk, oranges and pears.


    I love red, black and brown but I hate white, green and grey. I prefer yellow.


    I love rabbits, snakes, dogs and kittens, but I prefer rats but... I hate goldfish and mice!!!!!!


    I like winter and spring but I prefer autumn but... I hate summer



    de ruben casagrande (jjp)