• Dear Lina

    Hello!!!! My name is Lorenzo

    I' m 19

    I' m French ,I am from Saint Malo.

    I love handball and football

    I hate my sister

    bye , bye

  • Hello Jennifer , I'm Théo !

    I'm in college Moka !

    I'm 11 years old and I don't have pets  !

    I like play tennis and I live in Saint-Malo .

    Bye Bye , Théo !


    Hello Jenny. , I'm Laura ! My birthday is on 19 november ( in one week )!

     I have a cat and  I had 5 kittens but they are dead  !

    I love cookies and chocolate

    Have you got pets ?

    I can dance and sing and you can you dance and sing ?

    Bye bye , Laura !



  • Hello ,my names is Mattéo

    I have dogs

    I love horses

    I hate bananas

    I can ride a horse

    I'm 11 and I live in Le tronchet

    Can you ride a horse ?

    Do you have  pets ?

    I like sciences but I  hate music class( I can't sing)

    good bye Mattéo

  • Hello

    I'm Maxime.

    I'm 11. I can play foootball and I can play tennis but I can't play rugby and I can't ride a horse. I love pasta and chips but I don't like summer.

    I am from Saint-Malo .

    What about you?




    I have 1 horse I LOVE MY HORSE!!!



     I can play the piano.


    BYE, bye!!!

  • Hi I'm Kévin I'm 12 I'm can play swimig and footbal but I'm can't play the guitar

    Do you play the guitar? No! I'can't I' really really d'ont

  • My


    My name's is Laureen

    I'm 11

    I love pets ,I love rats but I don't like snakes.

    I am from St Malo

    I can play basketball but I can't play football

    I'm in  6emeA



  • Hello!

    My name is Gaël.I'm 11 and I live in St Malo.I love dogs.Do you like dogs?I'm in year 7.



    My name is Pierre.

    I linve in Saint-Malo.

    I hate cafée and cheese

    I love chips and cookies

    Bye the boy

  • Hello my name's Lara and I'm 11.I live in st Jacut de la mer,france and

    I have one sister and two brothers Their names are Arielle,Pierre,Thomas

    I like salad and I love chocolate and chips.I don't like fish and you ?

    I have  two dogs, their names are Garchenn and Vulcain

    I can ride a horse but I cant play rudby

    can you play rugby ?  goodbye


  • My name's Océane and I'm 11.I live in La Gouesnière,France.

    I have a little sister, Chloé she is 15.

    At school, I'm in Year 7A. I like Art but I don't like maths (Yuck!).

    Climbing is my sport. I love it. Can you climb?

    Bye for now,


  • Lol



     My name is Lucile.I m 11. I've got 3 brothers. Their names are ethan, mewen and dylan. My goldfish s name is Bubulle                                                                                                            



    My name is Solene. I'm 11. I've got 2 brothers their names are mael and gaetan.

    I have 1 goldfish. His name is Red. I have one dog. His name is eros

    Thats good              



  • my name is Dorian and i m 11 i live in france st malo i love dogs but rat .

    Football is my favory sport .i love it .Can you play football ?

    i love scool




    I m. Marvin.

    I m 12. I live in France.

    I live in Saint Malo.

    I can play football AND  tennis but I cant play rugby and baseball. I prefer swimming.








  • My name's oliver and I'm 11.

    I  live in Saint Malo , France.

    I love my big sister ,Sybille.

    At school, I'm in year7.

    I d'ont like Art but I like history and I like English .I love English

    Karate is my sport.I love it. Can you play karate ?