• hello my favourite sport is horse-riding

    these are photos of horses...

    Cheval horse  chevaux le bonheur est dans le prE r p1010012

    ...and videos...

    horses are beautiful animals!! i adore they!!

    i've got the galop 3.

    bye bye


  • Hello!

    My name is Irma!

    My first single "I know" is a success!

    My single was funded by my fans with "My Major Compagny". Thanks to them, I archived my dream...

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    His name is Michael Jackson

    He has got  black eyes and black curly short hair. 

    He is a singer. .


  • Hello,

    His name is Mika.

    He is tall.He has got brown eyes and

    short curly brown hair.

  • Hello,

    Her name is Britney Spears.

    She has got long straight blond hair and blue eyes.

     She has got a small nose.

    The job is singing.

  • I have got brown eyes, brown hair.

    I'm tall.

    I'm eleven.I have got a sister. Her name is Dorine. She is 8.

    I lllooooovvvvee   new moka.


  • Hello,


    I'm wearing a ghost costume and my friend has got a witch costume.

    I'm eating a lot of sweets. 


  • Hello,

    My name is Emilie,I'm eleven,I'm from Saint-Père,I'm French.I've got a sister and I've got a pet.I love Moka.



  • Présent : (rappel)

    I am, you are, he she it is, you are, we are, they are.

    I'm playing computer.

    You're playing computer.

    He, she,it 's playing computer.

    Were're playing computer.

    You're playing computer.

    they're playing computer.

    Past :

    I was, You were, He She It Was, You are, We were, They Were.

     I was in my bedroom yesterday afternoon.

     You were at school last Monday.

    He,she,it was in the garden yesterday.

    We were at home last holidays.

     You were at school last Monday.

     They were at school Yesterday

     Maintenant, vous pouvez utilisez le prétérit de Be.


                                 Créated by Clément

  •  London is the capital of the United Kingston, this city's got a lot of very beautiful and big buildings.

    BIG-BEN, it's a big clock, this clock is the most photographed in the world !!! Not far, there is  Paliament house,  it's where people are elected.

     Bukingham palace  it's the queen's residence in London. This building is protected by the guard.

    The tower of London, In the past, this building  was a prison, a lot of people died ther !!!,  now it's a museum with the crown jewels.


    The london eye, it's the highest place in Lndon with 135 mètres high !!!You can see the whole city.

    The National gallery, It's a museum with lots of  fine paintings. In front of it, we can admire a column with the statue of admiral Nelson.


    10 Downing street, It's the office of the prime minister, a lot of paparazis are here 24/24 h.

    St Paul cathedral, It's where  Diana and Charles got .

     Tower bridge, It's a 43 metre high bridge.


    By Clément

  • Easter celebratesthe resurrection of Jesus.

    This year, Easter is on 24th April.

    Parents hide eggs in the garden,  children look for them as well as chocolate rabbits, chocolate eggs ...

    BYE, and happy Easter !!!!

    By Clément 

  • Hello everyboby, Tomorrow at 15.20 for me  but at 16.25 for you.

    It's the holiday.

    It's the children's favourite time of the year.

    The people go to the swiming pool and love it !!!!

    It's the St-Malo (France) Beach !!!!!

    BYE, and I  wish you a very very very very good HOLYDAY !!!!!!!!!!

             By Clément

  • Tout le monde à déjà dit une fois une bonne excuse  en Français mais aujourd'hui je vais vous aprendre a en dire une en anglais.

    Prenons tout dabord un exemple,

    Hello Tanguy can you come and help me ?    

           Sorry Clément, I can't because I'm watching the last scream dvd.

    Too bad  !!!

     Mais d'autres raisons sont possibles comme : I'm  tidying my room, I'm doing my homework, I'm watching TV, etc




  • Hello everybody,today I'll tell you how to be a secret agent.

    To be a good secret agent you must Jump over the fences, climb up  big trees but you must be discreet.

    To record a convertation you must have a recording machine and a microphone.

    And good luck because to be a secret agent is not easy.



  • Helllo today I'm going to  speak about the Black Eyed Peas .

    The people in the Black Eyed Peas are : will I am , Taboo , Fergie and Apl. De. Ap .

    The Black eyed peas are from the USA.

    For the E.N.D. tour they have made 113 concerts in the word .

    Their best songs are : boom boom pow , The times (dirty bit) and Rock that Body .