• 7 Easter eggs and secrets on Google

    Hello today I'm going to speak about Easter Eggs and other secrets about the giant's search engine : Google.


    Do A Barrel Roll : Google makes some twist. It’s so funny. If you want to do the same thing : type «do a barrel roll » on your internet navigator and the page rotates. It refers to  the game "starfox" more precisely.

    Google Gravity : Have you ever thought about what Google would be in the space? Google Gravity has the solution: ask for “google gravity” in your navigator,  click on the first link and google falls ...

    Google Chuck Norris : do you think Chuck Norris is on Google? … the answer is no, the proof is on http://www.nochucknorris.com/ .

    Answer To Life and 42 : You know 42 the famous number?  Google knows it too! Write « the answer to life the universe and everything » and on google calculator 42 appears.

    Once in a Blue Moon : Once in a Blue Moon  shows how many years there are  between 2 blue moons. The blue moon is when in the same month there are two full moons.

    Zerg Rush : Put «  Zerg Rush »  in Google and surprise!!! The letter O is going to destroy all the resulst and form the word GG(Goodgame). It is a reference to the game League of Legend

    Tardis In London : The famous Doctor Who's tardis is in London. If you don't think so , look at this http://bit.ly/1dWYvMH and enter  the police telephone box.