• A school trip of New-Zealand

    yesWe are going  from the school to the  airport  on foot. We are going to take a plane from London to New-Zealand. We are going to go to New-Zealand on 19th June until 24th June. We are going to pack : tee-shirts,  shorts,  underclothes, the hats,  suncream,  shoes,  money and a first aid kit.

    In  New-Zealand, we are going to visit  the national park of Tongariro on foot. This park is the first national park of New-Zealand and the fourth national park in the world. The national park of Tongariro. In this park, We are going to see plenty of animals : mammals, reptils...

    Afterwards, We are going to climb the Mount Tasman on foot, the mountain where the film "The Lord of rings" was shot.


    We are going to visit Queenstown, the most beautiful city, and  Wellington, the capital of New-Zealand.

    on day four, We are going to swim in  Doubtlees Bay. 

                                                                                 Aël Célo

                                                                                                       et  Antoine Nicolas