• A summer camp in Australia


    I am in a camp in the north of Sidney. There are lots of teenagers and we are four per bedroom. In mine, there is Manon, Kate, Samia and me. 

    At the moment, I am writing this article and it's the night of the second day.

    Yesterday morning, we went surfing and the sea was very warm. But we didn't do volleyball because it was raining. We came back to the camp at  lunchtime. It was very annoying. The afternoon, we did drama with Nicole Kidman! She has played in many movies  like "Moulin rouge", and "Eyes Wide Shut". I am very interested by drama but I have never had the opportunity to practice. The evening, we did a giant barbecue. We have just eaten and now every body is in his bedroom. This day was very tiring but I am excited to spend another day in this camp.

    Ines Gaquere