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    Our trip to Australia

    We're going to Australia on the 27th of June (the first week of the holidays). We're coming back to France on the 2nd of July. During that time, we're going to visit Sydney and other towns. On the first day, the bus we take us to Uluru (the red heart ). In the evening, we're going to sleep in a Hotel. It is there what we'll spend  the fourt nights.

    On the second day, we're going to visit the Opera House. At the end of the afternoon we're going to go to the beach to take a boat and we'll swim with  dolphins.

    On the third day, we're going to visit the  Tarong zoo, where we'll find : giraffes, rhinos, koalas and bears... W're going to take photos of some animals.

    On the fourth day, we're going to go to an amusement park in Gold Coast. It will be so fun !!!!

    The next day, we're going to go shopping to buy souvenirs. At lunchtime, we'll have a picnic for the last day ! and after this, we'll go back home !!!! 

    Five amazing days !!!!!!!



                                                               Gwénann & Océane 

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