• Canada

     It is PITA


    We are going to go to the  NIAGARA FALLS. It is very beautiful and extraordinary.

    We'll take a ferry to see the falls better.

    We are going to sleep at the  Ontario, a very luxurious hotel. The  next day we are going to Canada's WONDERLAND. It is an amusement park. For lunch, We'll go to the  DAMAS restaurant. We'll eat "pita."

    On wednesday we are going to go to Toronto  to visit the town and go  shopping. In  the evening we'll go to the restaurant. We'll  sleep at a hotel.

    On Thursday, we'll  go to a  trampoline park and we'll have a picnicin the park. A night we'll go to a club and we'llsleep at a youth hostel.

    On Friday we are going to go to  we'll choose ourmeal. In the evening we are going to fly to France.