• Cezember




                                                                   There is a place that filled my heart,                                           

    When I think to it I feel me hurt.

    My love for Cezember

    Is higher than a hill

    And deeper than the sea in December


    I'm dreaming of eating a delicious yellow peach

    On the beautiful beach,

    And sailing on the sea.

    I would feel me free.


    I would be so happy

    If I saw the pitoresque landscape

    Of the Brittany.


    I wish I could smell again one day,

    The sented grass and perfumed flowers in May.


    I'd love to watch the sun going down

    Before we sail back to town.


    I miss this magical place

    I think to it each night and day.

    But I know I will go back to Cezember

    One day in May.




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