Hello there, today, I'm gonna speak about D DAY.

    1/ What is the D DAY ? D Day is on June 6th 1944. It's the day when the allies landed on Normady beaches that were called Utah, Omaha (these tow beaches were in the US sector), Gold (British), Juno (canadian) and Sword(british).

    2/Why did they land in Normandy ? The allies decided to land in Normandy because during WWII the nazis occupied the north of France, in the east the German army was against the Russian one. Stalin asked the allies to open an other front at the west. So they decided to land somewhere in France. The first time, the landing must take place in north-pas-de-calais but the germans thought the landing could only be in North-pas-de-calais because it's the french region so the Atlantic-wall was fortified here and lots of Panzers where waiting in the north. So Normandy was the best place to land.

    3/ Why did they landed in June 6th ? The first time the landing must be on June 5th but because of the bad weather condition in the Channel the landing was set 24 hours later, on 6th of June, a lot of conditions where required for the landing because there must be a full moon for the bombers but a dark night for over 100000 people who jumped during the night of 5th to 6th, the sea had to be rising for the men who would land on the beaches. These conditions where gathered in only 3 days in June 1944 (the 5th, 6th, 7th) The landing should be on June, 5th but because of the weather, it was the 6th.

    4/ 6:30 The hour when the first assault wave landed in Omaha, that was terrible, 80% of them were killed or injured (In was so bloody that Omaha was called « Bloody Omaha » because the bombing raid didn't destroy the nazis defences so in was more difficult for the US soldiers who landed, also, between Omaha and Utah, a natural seperation Pointe du hoc made 225 US rangers climb a 100 feets cliff, on the 8th of June only 60 rangers were able to fight.

    5/After, in order to fight to the victory the allies built two artificials port, but a storm destroyed a port in the US sector and damaged the second one in Arromanche. Thank to the land, allies gave liberty back to hthe Occupied zone and open an other front, nazis were circled in the South (Italy), West (Normandy) and East (Russia), when the Russian army arrived in Berlin, Hitler commited suicide, so the German signed the armistice, allies won WWII.