• I'm a Pokofan

    M Pokora, His real name is Matthieu Tota. He was born on 26 septembre 1985 in Strasbourg. I love his songs, my favorites are "Mes rêveurs", "Parti trop tôt", and "Chacun". He is the person who has won the most Nrj-Music-Awards in France. He is the leading singer in the musical "Robin des Bois", he plays the role of Robin. He won "Danse avec les stars" with Katrina Patchett 3 years ago. He began his career when he won Popstars in 2003. His fist music group was "Linkup". He visits sick childen who are in a hospital. He is very generous. He is very nice. He looks beautiful. He is my idol. .Sharone the Pokofan with the help of Anouck