• Jamaïca

      The first day I arrived at 9 o'clock in the airport of Norman Manley :On the  first day I went to my hotel and after I walked in the market. In the market I  was so suprised by all colours, reggae musi in all streets... there are many people. I have bought a fruit : the ackee. It's an fruit which has the texture of bread and it is the national fruit. When we look at the population we can see the traffic of canabis. the Jamaicains have dreadlocks. this morning i walked in kingston. And in the afternoon I went diving in the underwater gardens. I've seen wrecks, coral and beautiful fish.

    On wednesday at 10 o'clock i went to see Bob Marley Museum, where we can see the everyday life of the artist with many photos and his personal objects. It's a really beautiful museum, now i know this artist in the details. We can hear his music, see many of his photos. There were many paintings on the wall. After we went to see a film which speaks about his life. And the architecture of this big house is really interresting. In the street we can see many kids play, we can see the poverty and misery.

    OnThe third day, I  chose to go on the beach, the sand was soft and white. I swam in the Caribbean Sea and the afternoon i went to Rafters Village, where i took a raft to go on the Rio Grande River, along which I saw a plantation of banana and sugar cane. The landscape is beautiful.

    On the forth day i went to swim with dolphins in rainforest of Dolphin Cove, it's fabulous, an unforgettable moment. The animals are really surprising, are player and cuddly. After i went to parck of Grandbrook, where I  walked in the tropical forest and i climbed a waterfall. The forest it's vibrant, there many animals inconnu, beautiful bird.

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