• Job Offer


    Niall and Potatoes




    We want a singer for the band Niall and Potatoes. You must be creative, have a good voice, be charismatic, you mustn't be shy, must be dynamic and young (between 24-26 years old). You must be hardworking, flexible and you have to like travelling around the world.


    If you have these qualities you can come to the auditions on  January 11-12th. On February 3rd , August 29th, September 13th and December 24th there will be concerts in London, Mullingar, Bradford, Doncaster, Wolverhampton and Cheshire. You can contact Simon Cowell at the number 033-246-955 or at the adress scowell@live.en or at the adress 24 street Homles Chapel, Mullingar, Ireland.




    Thank you and let's live while we're young. xx