• Job offer for a make-up artist.

    Job offer


    You can make SOMEONE up?

    We'll light you up!



    We are shooting a film, but we need make-up artists. If you are interested, you will make up lots of actors, boys or girls for a fantastic film.You'll work around 9-10 hours per day and you will be paid 3000$ per month. It's hard but you will have the privilege to work with very famous actors (such as Jude Law or Angelina Jolie) !


    The film will be shot from July 15th until March 24th , so you have to be available for all this time. You need to be creative, talented and eccentric to prepare our actors to act and you need to be patient as well as to have good results. You have to be a hard-worker too, because as we said above, you have to work a long time, so you must be resistant to stress, definetely...



    To contact us, phone the 20th of Century Fox (131988-677-3432) or write to 5th Avenue, in Manhattan.


    We are waiting for you !!




                                                                                                                                              Morgane Corre

                                                                                                                                            Raphaëlle Thirault