• Katrina

    Katrina was a hurricane which  destoyed New-Orleans (in the south of the United States) This hurricane formed during the hurricane season in the Atlantic in 2005.

    Katrina was one the biggest hurricanes...

    The reconstruction cost  108 million dollars.

    It killed 1836 people.

    There is no number of the  injured because it was to hard to count all of them.

    A lot of people lost at least a member  of their family, lots of people thought their houses could protect them. But they didn't. The levee system broke and the city was flooded.


    In order to evacuate the maximum of people a lot of helicopters came and they pulled on board all the people they could. They were evacuated to an airport which was used as a shelter. All the injured, the  eldery and the survivors stayed in the airport.


    In order to help these people lots of NGOs came to New Orleans so that the refugees could start hoping for a better future...