• les auxilliaires

     to be affirmatif         to be négatif            to be intterogatif
          I am                    I am not                     am I ?
          you are                you aren't                    are you ?
          he is                    he isn't                        is he ?
          we are                 we aren't                      are we ?
          you are                you aren't                     are you ?
          they are               they aren't                    are they ? 

                                   to have au présent 

        forme affirmative       f.négative             f.interrogative
              I have    got            I haven't    got            have I ?
              you have            you haven't             have you ?
              he has                he hasn't                has he ?   
              we have              we haven't              have we ?
              you have             you haven't             have you ?
              they have            they haven't            have they ?

                                   to live au présent

          forme affirmative      f.négative             f.interrogative
                  I live                 I liven't                  live I ?
                  you live             you liven't               live you ?
                  he lives             he livesn't                lives you?
                  we live              we liven't                 live we ?
                  you live             you liven't                live you ?
                  they live            they liven't               live they ?


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