• Leslie and Ivyrise make and a remake of the french song "Je te donne".

     "Je te donne", A song made by Jean-Jaques Goldman has been recreated by the duo Leslie, a french singer, and Ivyrise . It's pop music. Jean-Jaques Goldman respected as the creator of what we can call the "tube".This remake gives a new thinking of this song.

    We have made a survey on 125 persons who have  listened to it and...they love this new song.

    The french and english people can understand this because, in the remake, Leslie speaks in french and Ivyrise speaks english. And, according to me, i love this song ! At the time of the original song, i already loved "Je te donne".

    I've a piece of advice for you: Go and get it ! Listen to  it when you are on a road.