• Mongoose

    The beautiful thing that you can see above the text is a yelow mongoose.

    They live all around the world, except in America. Maybe you will think that this article will be  boring because  mangooses aren't cool, but we will make you discover that this is a so beautiful, and incredible animal.

    Our passion for  mangooses appeared when we were little children, we saw a little mangoose who was with its familly, just next to the road, but  when we tried to come to it, it saw us, and made and strage scream, so wonderful for us.

    In a mangoose family, there is always one  that is responsible for the security of the group. It screams when there is a danger.

    The biggest ennemy of the mangoose is the cobra, this is a big and evil snake.

    So, we just want to say that if you see a mangoose, go to it and make it a BIIIG HUG, just before killing and eat it (you'll see, the mongoose steak is so great !)

    Article by Audren DORVAL



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