• My holidays in Granville

    We slept in the "Camping du lac". It's a nice camping ground. There a castle, 2 swimming

    pools, a lake, a playground. On this lake, there's no fish but a man was trying to fish.

    He looked ridiculous !!


    The first day we went to Granville.It's a beautiful city with a port,                                        My holidays in Granville

    shops, a historic center in renovation.

    In this city, there are lots of seaclothes shops. There is a                





    beautiful casino and a little marine theatre.

    It's  enjoyable to breath the sea air.


    The second day, we visited Julloville. It's on the sea and there are lots of "villas".

    The symbol of this city is the pine tree. The town is very large. There aren't lots of shops.


    It's a cool town but there aren't too many things to do apart from going to the  sea.