• My summer camp


    Monday , August 18th.

     I arrived yesterday morning, and I find this camp very cool. My summmer camp is in a forest in front of a lake. I love my roommates !!! We are six in the room. There is Sofia, Katherina, Maelle, Elize, Charlotte and me. They're from a lot of different countries. I have met a lot of very kind people . Today, we have done many activities like surfing and paddling on the lake. I'm very excited to do a beach volley  tournament tomorrow and all the other activities that I've seen on the planning such as kayaking, bungee jumping, paragliding. Last night a baby bear came to our room. It was very frightening !!!!! On top of that his mum was walking around the bedroom! We called the group leaders on the emergency phone and they  called a veterinary to get  them to sleep! It was very impressive! We were very scared we thought we were going to die ! I' ve lived one of my worst memories. It was yesterday, on the lake, when we were paddling boat, I fell into the water and my friends were gone without me and I got out of the lake and all the camp was laughing at me and it was very embarrassing.


    Mélissande Le Guen and Camille Martin.