• My trip to Germany

    We went to Füssen, a beautiful city in Bavière, in the south-east of Germany. It is situated near the German and Austrian border. Füssen is a little city, but there are 3 beautiful castles in it.

    The first day, we went to Neuschwanstein Schloss, an impressive castle. It's the famous castle of Germany. It's 200 meters tall, in a mountainous place. It was built in Neogothique style, by Christian Jank, Eduard Riedel and Georg von Dollmann. The beginning of the building was september, the 5th 1869. It opened in 1886. His owner was Louis II de Bavière. Today, it's like a museum. After a very very long wait under the rain, we went into the castle. When we saw this one, we were very fascinated. The interior was picturesque and beautiful.

    Then, we went on a bridge for a better view of the castle. It was breathtaking !

    My trip to Germany

    The spectacular and isolated castle of Neuschwanstein


    The 2nd day, we went to the castle of Linderhof. It's situated in the forest. We just see the castle because it was too rainy and stormy this day. The castle can be compare with the castle of Versailles near Paris, but more little than it.

    My trip to Germany

    The castle and the garden of Linderhof


    The third day, we saw the castle of Hohenschwangau. We see the castle far and I can say, he is very very impressive and beatiful! when we see it, he was foggy and the castle became very strange like a spooky house. The landscape are very wild and very colorful !

    My trip to Germany

    The picturesque castle of Hohenschwangau


    Héloïse HAMEL, Mélissa ZENI, Malo AUBIN and Timoté SIGWALT.