• My trip to Japan



    Last month I went to Japan with my best friend to visit Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka.

    The first day we went to visit the castle of Edo in Tokyo in the area of Chiyoda. In 1873, it was burnt and now we are sure it's haunted by a person who died in this fire. And we visited  the capital as well.

    The second day, we went to Kobe and we visited the Meriken Park which is located next to the sea. It is a very beautiful and a huge park in Japan.

    We went to Kyoto to visit the Kinkaku-ji temple. It was burnt in 1950, and we can feel the presence of a person. We were aloneand we got really scared!!! 

    The last day we went to see a sumo fight  in Osaka. We laughed because we thought it was very funny. And after that we went to see the famous tower Tsutenkaku. We went up to the 91 floors  because it's the last floor visitors can go up to!!!!


    My trip to Japan

    Castle of Edo in Tokyo