• New York City

    School trip to New York    

                                                              Form 23 to 28  June

    Next month, we’re going to go to New York City.

    In your suitcase, you must take:

    - sun cream

    - sun glasses


    -etc, etc...

    We're going to take the plane in Paris

    We’re going to stay in a youth hostel in the city center.

    Day one we’re going to visit the Statue of Liberty and we’re going to go to a  restaurant and shopping.

    Day two we’re going to visit the Empire state building and we are going to have free time.

    Day three,  we’re going to go to M&M’S shop and to lots of other shops.

    Day four we’re going to go to the Central Park for a big treaser hunt.

    Day five: some more free time. Look out we’re going to go to the  airport at 6 pm.                                                                                                                



                      Cordially, Arthur Airard and Léa Gautier