• New york, New York .... :)

    New York is in the US. It' s too big and beautiful.

    There are 8 175 133 milion inhabitants.

    On the first day, we went to the Empire State Building. It's is located in Midtown at 350 5th avenue between 33rd 34 rd street. 

    On the second day, we visited the Statue of Liberty, It' s so splendid. It means " la liberté éclairant le monde".

    In Central Park there are lots of squirrels.  It' s so fun   Central Park is open to the public, created in 1857.

    We went to the baseball stadium, it was so funny because we were looking at the players when they told us to come with them! We were so impressed!


    New york New York

    Jeanne Blandeau, Jérémy Bigot & Fanny Ruckstuhl.