• Our stay in Canada

    We  need  clothes, books, a first aid kit...We'll go this summer, we're going to Canada by plane.

    On our first day, we're going to go to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. We're going to visit the city.It's a big city !

    On the second day morning we're going to visit the Niagara Falls, It will be beautiful! And in the afternoon we're going to go to an international jazz festival in Montreal  

    On the third day, in the morning we're going to visit Toronto and in the afternoon, lake Ontario, we'll go kayacking.We will see castors for the first time.

    On the fourth day, we'll visit Vancouver all day !   

    On the fifth day, we're going to go on a boat ride and we're going to go shopping in Ottawa. At 6 pm, we're going to take the plane back  France.