• Our trip to Scotland




                                                                                                               Travel in Scotland

     We are going to go to Scotland, on June 10. We are going to take a bus to go to Nantes airport   .We  are going to take a plane to Edinburgh in Scotland.We are going to sleep at the « Budget Backpackers » ( it’s a Youth Hostel) . We are going to eat in a Youth Hostel with diferent menues like salmon , a Parmentier of Haddock,  scones and bannock.We must visit the Loch Ness Lake , with  Nessie the monster of the Loch Ness. It’s a big legend of this contry. We’ll go and visit a haunted castle « tower of Ackergill »,we are going to do kayak and we’ll go to shopping in Princes Street. We must think to change our money because, in Scotland,the money is the pound. In the  Youst hostel, we find a room with a home cinema , games, a cumputer, a wifi and a billiard. We’ll go back to France on June 15 by plane.

    Résultat d’images pour  ecosse simbole   Lise & Salma