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    Galoping on the coast :

     I dre a m of ridi ng on a galoping horsePoems 

    Who would be black and beautiful of coarse 

    I would be in the grassy hills of California's coast  

    Riding through the trees as silent as a ghost

    I could stay there all day

    As the wild animals scatter away

    The joy I feel when I smell the blooming flowers

    Could keep me here for hours and hours

    I'd love to hear the whistling

    Of the wind when I'm galoping

    And watch the firy sunset

    In the dark sea

    If I could do such a ride

    I would be as happy as a bride

    I could almost forget everything  

    Except the freedom I'm feeling.



    I'd love to go back to Ireland

    On Carlough beach and its soft sand  

    Galoping on a Connemara pony 

    And admiring the peaceful sea 

    I would feel free and so happy

    I'd like to hear the wind's long whistling

     And the waves dancing

    I wish I could go through the hills walkingPoems

    And at the fragrant of the ocean marveling

     I am dreaming all night long of shamrock

    And of the irish blue sky at ten o'clock

     If I had this chance one day

    I would go back to the Giant Causeway

    Ireland is just a small paradise